Capstone blog post #1

I changed my topic for Capstone. I am really happy that I did because I am a lot more interested in my new question to my old one. My old question was how has special effects makeup changed over time and how can it get better, my new question is how is makeup a form of self expression and how has it impacted society? I have been interested in makeup for a while. I started to do makeup more this year and buying more products. I know a little about makeup and I would like to know more so that’s why I have chose this topic.

I am very excited to continue this project because I think that this project will be very fun. I am worried about the dates because I’m scared that I will fall behind. I have been thinking of doing makeup ever since my sister and brother did Capstone.

I think this topic will be very entertaining to me because I am very interested in makeup. My mom knows a person in the makeup industry so I might interview them and I’m going to start my research soon. I completed my sub questions yesterday from the help of my teacher.

I can’t wait to start getting all my research and putting this project together. I’m excited to start my journey.


6 thoughts on “Capstone blog post #1

  1. This is really good! I really like how you said that you changed your topic, and mentioned your old main question and then your new one! Amazing job!

  2. Really good job Molly! I liked how you talked about that you had to change your topic because it was hard. I also really like how you did paragraphs. Great job Molly!

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