January 2022 archive

Blog post #8

Today in tech we did a game. The game we did was very fun. Basically we needed out 3 switches and we had a deck of cards which acted like a road. When the red cards were flipped over we clicked the light switches and the LED’s lit up! Wohoo! we all bonded through these games. I am so sad for this quarterly to end but Mr. Calvert is so nice! See you soon:(

Tech Blog Post #7

It is the seventh week of tech and I am having so much fun. Right now I just finished my third light switch. Soon we are starting brea boards. The light switches were very fun but they took a while. It was really fun seeing them light up the switch. Mr. Calvert is really nice. I don’t want to end this quarter:(

Tech post week #6

Tech is getting more fun every week. Mr. Calvert is very funny and nice. This week I was doing soldering. It was really fun, maybe even the most fun thing I have done this quarter! Now we are making cardboard projects to turn on a light. It is really fun using the drill press and using the sand paper machine. This quarterly will be ending soon and I am not excited to leave. I can’t wait for the rest of this quarter!

Tech post week #5

Right now we are doing metal designs. We are making pendants. I really like tech a lot and I am sad that this is the shortest quarter. Mr. Calvert is really fun and he is catching us all up on this. The next step will be to sawder. I will be so sad for tech to end and I can’t wait to see how this project turns out!