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Blog post #8

Today in tech we did a game. The game we did was very fun. Basically we needed out 3 switches and we had a deck of cards which acted like a road. When the red cards were flipped over we clicked the light switches and the LED’s lit up! Wohoo! we all bonded through these games. I am so sad for this quarterly to end but Mr. Calvert is so nice! See you soon:(

Tech Blog Post #7

It is the seventh week of tech and I am having so much fun. Right now I just finished my third light switch. Soon we are starting brea boards. The light switches were very fun but they took a while. It was really fun seeing them light up the switch. Mr. Calvert is really nice. I don’t want to end this quarter:(

Tech post week #5

Right now we are doing metal designs. We are making pendants. I really like tech a lot and I am sad that this is the shortest quarter. Mr. Calvert is really fun and he is catching us all up on this. The next step will be to sawder. I will be so sad for tech to end and I can’t wait to see how this project turns out!

Tech week 4

Tech is really fun. I made earrings and they are dangling hoop earrings. Mr. Calvert is really nice. I am having a really fun time working on making things. I make a lot of things by wood but I also laser them and print them. It is a lot of work to make it but then it comes out really good. I love tech a lot and I am excited to continue it for the quarter.

Tech post #3

It is the third week of tech. Yesterday we learned about atoms. We talked about how space has no sound and if you screamed no one would hear you. There is no sound because there is no oxygen. We also talked about how eyes have cones and rods. Rods help you see in low light and rods help with the color you see. We talked about lasers and how class 3 and class 4 could blind you if you stare at the laser. Class one and two are safer. Tech is fun and I am excited to continue the quarter!

Tech 2nd week

It is the second week of tech. In tech this week we learned about a spaceship that has been in space for a while and is the fastest thing on earth. It can circle the earth 5-6 times in an hour. The spaceship was made over 40 years ago and they don’t plan on bringing it back for a while longer. So far tech is really fun and I love learning about all the cool things in space. Mr. Calvert is really nice and I am excited to start making things.

technology blog post 1

So far technology is really fun even on the classroom days when he is just showing us things and how to use tools. In technology we are learning about the safety of tools. We learned about sauntering irons. The first day we made towers made out of blocks. Today we were finding clues to unlock the box. I am looking forward to start making things. This is the third day of technology and even on classroom days we still have fun. I think Mr.Calvert is so nice and we are going to have so much fun this quarter. I am so excited to start making things.

Reflective post- week 10

At the start of computer tech I didn’t know anything about it. The first day I remember sitting down at a table and we were just peacefully drawing. When I walked into the classroom I knew computer tech was going to be so fun and I would learn a lot. I was completely right. Ms.Cronk is the best teacher I could ask for. She has helped me so much. When she mentioned “scratch” I didn’t even recognize the name and I was unsure about it. Now I go home sometimes and do scratch for fun. I want to learn how to use Tynker. I can’t believe I have even learned hoe to sue scratch. I am so thankful for computer tech. I have made new friends, learned how to code and not sometimes do it for fun. I love computer tech and I am so sad to leave.

Under Water Dreams reflection

I think Under Water Dreams is very inspirational. They inspire a lot of people to persevere if they are having a tough time. I think this was a great movie. I think this because even though I am American for the most part they has a lot of struggles and obstacles throughout their lives. This can encourage other people to do what they did. Since they were undocumented they had a really tough time. Even though some of them were born in America and just were Mexican from their parents they still had a tough time growing up. They kept working through it and they won firs at place in the robotics competition. I think that the Under Water dreams movie was very inspiring for me and other people and especially people who can relate to them. This movie shows that it doesn’t matter where you are from, if you just put your mind to something you can do it.

Reflective blog post #3

Something I struggled with was getting my characters to move. Then now I have got so much better at it with so much practice and now I am on my hero project.

I also am a lot better at being patient for scratch to load. I love scratch and being creative with scratch and coding.

In conclusion scratch and Ms.Cronk has made me a way better person for coding. Thank you!

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