Rube Goldberg #2

My Rube Goldberg is finished! I am very happy with how my Machine came out. My video also came out well. I am very excited to present it in class tomorrow. My simple task was to feed my dog. And my machine took 32 tries.

We first used the idea from my sketch, it didn’t work out so we had to change it up a bit. It was really hard to not get upset or give up. My sister was a big help. I would want to give up a lot. She would always help me get back up and keep going.

I am happy that I have finished this project. It was a huge accomplishment for me and felt really good when this machine finally worked. I am excited to start the next project which is Capstone.

This project was definitely the most fun thought and I won’t forget it! Here is my video on YouTube.

Capstone blog post #1

I changed my topic for Capstone. I am really happy that I did because I am a lot more interested in my new question to my old one. My old question was how has special effects makeup changed over time and how can it get better, my new question is how is makeup a form of self expression and how has it impacted society? I have been interested in makeup for a while. I started to do makeup more this year and buying more products. I know a little about makeup and I would like to know more so that’s why I have chose this topic.

I am very excited to continue this project because I think that this project will be very fun. I am worried about the dates because I’m scared that I will fall behind. I have been thinking of doing makeup ever since my sister and brother did Capstone.

I think this topic will be very entertaining to me because I am very interested in makeup. My mom knows a person in the makeup industry so I might interview them and I’m going to start my research soon. I completed my sub questions yesterday from the help of my teacher.

I can’t wait to start getting all my research and putting this project together. I’m excited to start my journey.


Progress On Rube Goldberg

I have had lots of progress on my Rube Goldberg project. This is my favorite project this year by far. It is my favorite because I love the creativity. I am doing very well on the progress of my project. I am on my 7th step and I work on the machine every night. I have a lot of fun working on it. I am going to start my video soon and I am excited to start editing it. I have filmed my process of building the machine now I just need to edit the clips together. I am excited to see the result of my video. I am scared to not finish on time. I am excited to be relieved when I finish my project. My sister is being a big help, she is helping me figure out what steps should work and what steps would not. And what tools we have and what tools we don’t have. I am going to continue working on this project and to keep adding on to it.

Immigration Project

I really loved this project. Some things that were hard was finding photos, I could not find many photos that matched with what I was talking about. Another hard thing was the voice over. I had to record it many times because I kept messing up. This project made me learn many new things about my babysitter. It was very fun to see how she answered my questions and to see what her old country was like. Here is the link to her story. Keyla’s Immigration Story

Constitution Project

My topic is Voting Rights. I am doing this topic because I think everyone should having voting rights no matter skin color, religion, or gender. My sub topic is Women Voting Rights. My research question is what were the major events that led to the 19th Amendment which gave women the right to vote.  I chose this question because, I wanted to know what women did to get voting rights. I can’t wait to start this project!

Italy – Molly

Welcome to my Cultural Universals project. I did  a wonderful and beautiful country named Italy. I hope you enjoy me Adobe Spark video. And I worked really hard on it with my partner that gave me great help. The most challenging part about this project was finding a perfect picture the easiest thing for me was finding the perfect and happy music. I spent 5 weeks on this Cultural Universal project. I hope you enjoy my Adobe Spark video.