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Capstone Blog Post #3

I have worked on my essay to answer my main inquiry question. My essay helped me rite my script because I was able to summarize all my information into it. It took a while but it’s finally done, here it is!

According to a May 2017 survey of American consumers, 41 percent of Americans between the ages of 30 and 59 years wear makeup on a daily basis, and 25 percent wear makeup several times per week. It is not surprising that a large number of people wear makeup. Physical benefits include being able to minimize skin imperfections and enhance facial features. Psychological benefits include that makeup makes the wearer feel more attractive and it can also be a fun outlet for self expression. 

Physical benefits of wearing makeup include hiding imperfections and accentuating other features. Certain makeup productions such as concealer and foundation help minimize skin imperfections. Concealer is used to lighten and minimize smaller sections that a person wants to minimize. For example, concealer can be used under a person’s eyes to make dark circles less visible. It could be used on scars and blemishes to lighten them, too. Foundation is made in many different skin colors so a person is usually able to find one that matches their skin color. The foundation is usually applied after the concealer to create a smooth base that evens out a person’s complexion before adding on makeup with color. Other types of makeup accentuate a person’s features. For example, eye liner and mascara are used to make a person’s eyes stand out. Adding lipstick to a person’s lips or blush to their cheeks creates a more youthful look. 

Wearing makeup also has psychological benefits for the wearer who can be more confident, act smarter, and use makeup as a form of self expression. People who wear makeup report feeling more confident.  For example, in an article called, “Can Wearing Makeup Boost Cognition as Well As Confidence,” scientific studies conducted by Harvard and the University of Chieti, Italy showed that makeup “can give wearers a confidence boost by making them feel more physically attractive, increasing feelings of self-esteem, attitude, and personality.” In addition to feeling more attractive and better about themselves, the article goes on to explain that wearers can also experience boosts in their cognitive abilities, or skills that require the use of your brain. People can also use makeup as a creative outlet and way of self-expression. For example, in the Business Insider article, “6 Ways Makeup Can Actually Improve Your Mental Health,” a eating disorder therapist and body image expert describes how some of her clients use makeup as a form of self expression that also makes the wearer feel good, “By cultivating different looks, blending, mixing, and experimenting, you can practice creativity and art, which are often much-needed and encouraged past-times for those struggling with mental health.”

In conclusion, wearing makeup has physical and psychological benefits. It even, surprisingly, has benefits to a person’s cognitive abilities. What’s your opinion about makeup?

That is my essay!

Immigration Project

I really loved this project. Some things that were hard was finding photos, I could not find many photos that matched with what I was talking about. Another hard thing was the voice over. I had to record it many times because I kept messing up. This project made me learn many new things about my babysitter. It was very fun to see how she answered my questions and to see what her old country was like. Here is the link to her story. Keyla’s Immigration Story

Immigration Interveiw

The interview on my babysitter was very interesting. I learned a lot of things new from the story. I made sure not to ask any yes or no questions. I am excited to start my WeVideo and complete this project! I had to change some questions while the interview but that is okay because I was prepared to change a few.

My Constitution Project

I really loved this project. It was a lot of fun learning about women’s rights. I learned a lot. I think some hard parts about this project was finding photos for my WeVideo. The research was fun. My favorite part was the research. I enjoyed this project a lot! Here is my WeVideo.

My Experience

My experience is going pretty well so far. I am enjoying it. We have not done much. I am about to finish research. I am excited to continue with this project and see how it goes! I am using Wikipedia mostly. And I have a lot of research so I am excited to start. I thin I will be doing a WeVideo because I like doing voice over’s and putting a lot of photos and videos in. That is it so far. I am excited to start my video.

Constitution Project

My topic is Voting Rights. I am doing this topic because I think everyone should having voting rights no matter skin color, religion, or gender. My sub topic is Women Voting Rights. My research question is what were the major events that led to the 19th Amendment which gave women the right to vote.  I chose this question because, I wanted to know what women did to get voting rights. I can’t wait to start this project!

Electoral Collage

I think the way the Electoral Collage votes is great! I think this because you have to get to 270 points to win and it is like a game where if you get to 270 votes then you win! And some states are blue while others are red. Even if your state is small your vote still counts %100.

The Election 2020

I hope that Joe Biden wins because, Donald trump is racist homophobic sexist and more. On the other hand Joe Biden supports everyone no matter who they are. He also has a plan for Covid – 19 and climate change while Trump doesn’t even have one. I think after everything this country has been through we need a new president, one that could save America and make it peaceful again. Like Joe Biden. Please vote, your vote matters vote Joe Biden 2020.

What has been going on

Me and my family are doing well! Sometimes I can get a little bored but when I do I just walk my dog or do an arts and craft because my mom bought a lot. My brother always cooks with me. And me and my sister always work out together. which is really fun. I also love to do makeup when I’m bored and one time my brother even let me do his! And each day I like online school even more. It’s actually kind of fun! I hope everyone is doing well because my family and I are doing just fine and stay safe. Thanks for reading about how I am doing!

Underground Water

Yesterday my class and I watched a mystery Doug video. We learned that you don’t always need rain or a hose to make a pond or a pool. There was already water underground. We learned that all the rain was coming through the grass and just stayed underground for a while. The water seeks through the grass and if you dig deep enough you could find the water. This was really cool for me because I always knew that sometimes the ground is wet when you dig but I never knew that there was that much. I always thought that you would need a sprinkler or a hose to make something like a pond. But hopefully I just taught you a whole new thing!

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