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Book Recommendation-Molly

This is my book recommendation. The book that I’m reviewing is called Ruby Goldberg. I worked really hard on this book review and It’s a great book to read so I hope you read it and enjoy my book recommendation.

Book: Ruby Goldberg’s Bright Idea

Author: Anna Humphrey

Recommended: Molly


Will Ruby win the science fair this year instead of Dominic who copies and tries to do something better to win? Read the Ruby Goldberg book to find out who wins and so many more things. Rube Goldberg is a great book that you should read to find out the rest. If your the type of reader that likes science then read this book.

The Ruby Goldberg book is about how the science fair is coming up and her friend Dominic wants to be part of her group. Will she allow Dominic to be part of her Ruby Goldberg machine? Maybe she’ll win if she lets Dominic join her group or maybe Dominic will betray her and just copy her like he does every year.

A book connection that I have is in Pre-school I was having an art competition with my whole school and I told my friend my idea and he said that’s what he wants to do too. So we did the art competition and he won first place and I won second.

I rate this book a five out of five stars because it’s so interesting and the characters are  funny and are so much fun. I also know that the book is  fiction I know this is fiction because it is not realistic and it has characters. In conclusion Ruby Goldberg is a great book and I hope you read it!


Italy – Molly

Welcome to my Cultural Universals project. I did  a wonderful and beautiful country named Italy. I hope you enjoy me Adobe Spark video. And I worked really hard on it with my partner that gave me great help. The most challenging part about this project was finding a perfect picture the easiest thing for me was finding the perfect and happy music. I spent 5 weeks on this Cultural Universal project. I hope you enjoy my Adobe Spark video. 


What is 3D’s Favorite Book Series

This is my graphing project. I surveyed my classmates and teachers and asked them “what is your favorite book series?” I tallied my results and created a pictograph. On my slideshow, I created both a bar graph and pictograph to display my data. One thing I enjoyed about this project was coloring my pictograph. One thing I found challenging about this project was finding out the key. I hope you enjoy viewing my final Google Slides Presentation.




I appreciate my sister and I think you should too! In my opinion writing piece,  I shared two reasons. My first reason is my sister spends time with me, my second reason is my sister does projects with me.


In this project I also did screencastify. Screencastify was my favorite part about this whole persuasive project. You might be wondering what is screencastify? Screencastify is something where you can record a project that you worked really hard on. I hope you enjoy my persuasive essay.


Health Center

This is my first blog post. in our first writing unit we learned about using dialogue,leads and paragraphs.I wrote this story because it is a special small moment it took us 4-6 weeks to write this story.



The sun was setting at Camp Starlight. Everybody was running back to the bunks

including Kayla and I we were running back from dinner. The grass had so many hills. Suddenly somebody came OUT OF NOWHERE  AND BUMPED INTO KAYLA!!!

He ran over her and she tripped and fell to the floor.

“Ow help,” she cried.

“Are you okay?”

I felt so bad I almost cried and I also felt the pain as much as she did, she sat still as I was panicking my heart almost burst.  

I ran to ask our counselor Ella, “Can we go to the health center?”

“Why?”Ella  asked.

“Kayla tripped,’’I said.

“Sure you can,” Ella said

“Do you remember the way?’’


I said,  “Okay then off you go Ella shouted.’’

“Kayla,’’ I said.

Ella said, “yes”.

Ok she said in a sad voice I felt sorry for her.

We walked carefully but not once did we talk. When we finally opened the door the nurse ran right up to us and said, “What’s the problem?

“She tripped!” I cried.

She walked us to the first aid kit and put a bandaid.  We walked back but this time was different. This time we were holding hands.