Fish in a Tree

Have you ever heard of the book Fish in a Tree? It is a book about a girl named Ally Nickerson who most likely has dyslexia. In the book, Ally is having a hard time in school. All of the teachers she’s had have always been mean to her and will always say “Ally go to the principal’s office, you’re not reading well” and stuff like that. But when her old teacher is about to have a baby, she gets a new teacher. This teacher though is kinder and knows about Ally’s dyslexia and try’s to help. He (Mr. Daniel) is always rewarding Ally and saying she is really smart even though Ally doesn’t think so. Ally faces hard times like the time at the Noah Webster House for the class trip. Shay ( a mean girl that thinks Ally is dumb) draws on a horn book Ally with a dunce cap on. Ally runs out of the museum and that’s when Mr. Daniel comes and talks to Ally about her problem which is dyslexia. It makes Ally feel better and she moves on with life. And that’s where I’m up to. Over all it is a great book.

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