Constitutional Project

We are doing a Constitutional project. It is a project where we took two dice and rolled them. One die showed what topic about the Constitution. The topics were documents, people, places, art, technology, or events. The second die showed what type of project you will be showing about the topic you got. The choices were explain everything, wevideo, social media, design something, padlet, or photo novel. The ones I got were explain everything and art. The art piece I am researching about is “Scene at the Signing of the Constitution of the United States by Howard Chandler Christy (1940)”. 40 of the 56 delegates are in the painting. George Washington is on a step stool mixed with a stage type of thing and right in front of the stage Benjamin Franklin with Alexander Hamilton lean toward him. Behind and next to them there are more delegates.

    Explain Everything is an app that is like seesaw but has a better variety of functions so the slides would be more detailed and better described. We do this on the Ipads. We get a time everyday to work on this project. We do research and find websites that will give us information about the painting and artist. And that is what the Constitutional Project is all about.

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