Stop Motion

     We started to do stop motion projects. Stop motion is a lot (and I mean a lot) of pictures combined to create a video or movie. In a real stop motion video, each second would be 24 frames. But since we are just starting we are doing 12 frames in a second. We are using lego people as the things that move around.

In my group we had a cookie man as one of our legos and knew what we were going to do. In the beginning, the cookie man would have its body parts come together and then it just starts to walk toward the camera. But suddenly, two bad people come and pin him down. But then Captain America comes in and tries to save him. That’s where we found a problem. The problem was how are we going to make Captain America fly? So we went and got a lot of pants. That way I can hold Captain America while he flies. We attached the pants and it looked really weird but we went with it.

The second stop motion movie we made is about a circle of pants trying to kill the cookie man. But Captain America was there to save the day. This time we didn’t have any pants in hand (because we used them for the circle of pants) we used string instead. This looked a little bit better. Anyway Captain America used his shield to make the circle of pants explode and drift away. He flies off and the cookie man walks away. That was the second stop motion we made.

The last stop motion movie we made is about two boys who walk to each other and do there secret handshake when the cookie man comes and the boys run away. The cookie man becomes sad and sits down and finds a helmet next to him. He puts it on to cover his face when the boys come and walk toward the cookie man. The cookie man takes the helmet off to show its him and the boys run away again. Then a huge, disgusting snake man comes and attacks the cookie man. The boys thought they needed to help him so they did but another person cane to help. CAPTAIN AMERICA!!! They all fight and the snake man goes away. The rest do a dog pile and then, looking at the camera, you see snake man!! Ahhhhhhh!!! That was the last movie we made.

The way we are editing our movies is that we are using iMovie. And that’s how we are doing stop motion.


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