Rube Goldberg project #1

I have worked on coming up with ideas for this project. The end goal is to pour cereal into a bowl. My final set up will go like this. First, I have a rapping paper roll that I roll a small ball down, witch hits a dominoes chain, witch hits another ball that hits another dominoes chain, and that hits a domino that is holding up a book, along with three other dominoes, and on top of the book, there is another book that gets knocked over as well, witch starts a book chain, witch hits a ball on a string, witch hits the cereal box over and the cereal falls into a bowl. Hopefully it works!

Reading the Weather Reading the World – Project Reflection

The reading the weather unit has been really fun and I have put a lot of effort into this project. I enjoyed this unit  because I did this with my classmates and my friends. It took a lot of work to put together. First, we were assigned groups and topics to research about. Next, we picked up a few books to read. We did some research on the chromebooks too. After that, we copied the information into a slideshow and tweaked the words so that we can fit it into 15 seconds. We also had to make an intro and a conclusion. We had to memorize our slides and figure out who is going to say the intro and conclusion. We did lots of rehearsals and had to fix a few things if people think that we need to change something. Last, we did one more rehearsal and we were ready to rumble!!!

Here is my script and slideshow that I worked so hard on.


There is a list of things that you should do before, during and after a hurricane happens. You would need lots of things in some sort of backpack. You need a flashlight, lots of extra batteries, NOAA radio with tone alert, food, 1 gallon of water per person a day,  and other stuff. 
You need to make sure that there is nothing that would blow away because that object could act as a missile and knock someone out cold. If there are very high winds, sea levels rise, dark clouds appear, there will probably be an upcoming hurricane.


Scientists use the Saffir – Simpson scale to measure hurricanes. There are different levels of hurricanes. There’s a category 1,2,3,4 and 5. 1 is the weakest and 5 is strongest. A category 1 hurricane will have little damage.

Summer book suggestions

Title: Spaceheadz

Series: Spaceheadz

Author:Jon scieszka

Recommended by: Ori cottrell


Michael K. has just arrived at his new school and there are aliens called Spaceheads in his class! The alien’s names are bob and jennifer. There following Michael K. everywhere and think that he can do everything. They want him to help them make a brain wave for Spaceheadz. Will Michael K. become a Spaceheadz and help Bob and Jennifer make the brain wave?


I give this book a 5 out of 5 stars!



Image result for spaceheadz book

Math Graphing – Bar Graphs and Pictographs

This my my graphing project. I surveyed my class and teachers and asked them, “ What is your favorite color?” and the choices were 1. purple 2. light blue 3. gold and 4. yellow. I tallied my results and created a huge pictograph. On my slideshow, I created both a bar graph and a pictograph to display my data. One thing I enjoyed about this project was making the huge pictograph. One thing I found hard was making the Google Slides Presentation. I hope you enjoy viewing my final Google Slides Presentation!

My Expert Book – The Best Tottenham Soccer Players

This book is all about soccer, and the title is “The best Tottenham Soccer Players.’’ In my book, you will learn about 2 of the best players on Tottenham Hot Spur. There were lots of things that I had to do. My favorite part about working on this book was putting in the pictures. What I found hard was the writing. I hope you enjoy my book!

Thanks for reading!


I think hunting is not a good habit to learn. In my piece, I shared my reasons, which are if you kill a top predator, the animals that get eaten by that top predator will eat all their food and then they will die. No more animals around there! It is also very cruel to the animals!

In my project, I made a screencastify that shared my opinion piece. It was a fun but a bit of a tricky project.  I liked creating and recording my slideshow. What was hard was writing the piece. I hope you watch my video and agree with me that hunting is bad!

The Rocky Beach

I was on a really, really rocky beach and my mom’s friend, Rachel, was in the water shouting, “Oscar! The water is lovely!”

“I’m coming mom! I’m coming!” Oscar did eventually come. “Ori!”

“Fine, I’ll come,” I said. I’m in the water by now and I’m feeling the icky, mucky sand underneath my feet. As I walk deeper, the sand gets more and more smushy. When I got to chest level, I stepped on a rock.

“Youch!!” I say.

“What?”Oscar asks.

“I just stepped on a rock.”

“Well, that’s weird,” said Rachel. Oscar came over to me and stepped on the same rock. Then, he started kicking up sand and it came up in a disgusting shade of black. “Ewwwwww!” I say. “Yeah, that is pretty disgusting,” Oscar said.

“Mom, get in the water right now!”

“Why should I?” my mom asked.

Alex steps in the water. “I’m not standing in this stuff all day!”

“Noy, come on! Get in the water,” Mom said.

“No, I don’t want to,” said Noy.

“Oscar’s in the water,” Mom said. A few minutes later, Noy did step in the water.

“It’s too cold!” He got out of the water and we had some crisps.
“That was really fun!” I said.