Who do I vote for..? – Ofir



His plans in the economy to help businesses reopen are fantastic, unlike trump giving money for family’s to buy food and help them during the pandemic.

What is Biden doing?

He here is making a great system, he is wanting each employee to be tested for covid, if they are tested positive they will be sent to a hospital where they would be taken care of.

Why do I hate trumps idea?

I do like he is helping people survive threw this pandemic but the question is how will it end and how will other businesses survive and what about the employees and the sick people?

Who do I vote for? – Ofir

I vote for Biden!

Biden is a great guy in fact he was vice president for Barack Obama, the guy who won twice.

I don’t even think Donald Trump deserved to be the President in 2016, all he has as experience isĀ  a hotel owner and a “successful” business man, which is not true because the company was created by his dad.

He is also racist, and when the pandemic started he did not tell America because “he didn’t want them to panic” and while he didn’t tell them he did nothing but sit in the Office, Biden here already has his plan set and even has ideas to help businesses re-open.

Electoral College – Ofir

Yes but no, I think the Electoral College should change. understand that winning states is important because that’s the country itself but popular votes should count to. Example, you get 3 million more votes then the Democrat/Republican your against yet you lose? That’s not what citizens want if that’s so because 3 million citizens are feeling like they don’t count. At this point what’s the point of voting if they could just win all states even if they get 10 million less votes?