November 5

Passion Project #2

Hello and Welcome back to Rocio’s story.

Today we’re going to talk another the answers to the questions for my passion project.

What will you learn and make?

I will learn how to take an outfit sketch and put it into an outfit. I will make a poster with some sketches,  and outfits that will match the sketches.

Why do you want to learn and make this?

I want to learn about this because I like to sketch outfits and I want to learn how to bring it to real life.

How will you learn and make this?

I will learn about this by researching and I will make the poster with some printed pictures and a poster board.

To me success will be when I have learned how to turn an outfit sketch, into real life outfit.

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1 thoughts on “Passion Project #2

  1. tcasey26

    Hi Rocio,
    I love the idea of fashion designing. I am just wondering why you chose the topic personally. Like if you take classes or you thought it was cool.


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