My buddy wrote a story about when he went to the Bronx Zoo. He worked on this project for five days and he worked extremely hard on it. He describes how he got there, when he got out of the car and what he saw. At the zoo he saw a lot of animals including turtles, hippos and alligators. His drawings are very colorful (like always). His favorite animal that he saw was turtles because he loves Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Henry’s favorite part about making this story was describing what he saw.

3 thoughts on “Story

  1. Dear Ryan,
    You did a great job on this post! Your friend kind of compares to me. I write stories ALL the time. And I always do it with my best friend, Will! I like to write fiction, though.
    I also like the Bronx Zoo. I actually got my most prized belonging there! It is very big. We go at least once a year, and we still haven’t seen all of it!
    Sincerely, Rhys (REE-s).

  2. Hi Ryan!
    I think your post was very good. I liked it because you talked about your buddy not only you. I also liked how you wrote about what your buddy did and how you said he liked it which shows he is very happy. Do you like the bronx zoo?

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