This week in tech we started to design a box and at first I was just going to do a normal box with hinges. But then after I thought i decided to make a surprise box. A surprise box is when you make a box that has 2 channels on the side and you have a slide that goes in between them and than you attach a spider or something scary so when they open it it jumps at them. After we designed it we shaved wood with a hand plane.

Tech 7- screws

Yesterday in tech we screwed nails into pieces of wood. In order to do this we had to find a screwdriver that matched the nail. Their were multiple nails and screw drivers. When I found the right one it was easy to get the nail into the wood, all I had to was line up the screwdriver and turn it to the right. But first I had to use an awl to get an initial hole in the wood because if I didn’t the screw would just fall over and not stay in balance. When I was able to screw in multiple screw it made me feel good about myself.

thank you.