January 30

I Love This Trip!

(I will add in the pictures later, where I am staying has really bad WiFi)



So far I have been here and there and everywhere only in about a month’s time. So far I have been to Ecuador, and the places I have been in Ecuador are Quito, Nono, Mindo, and Otavalo. I have also been to the Galapagos Islands (which are owned by Ecuador).  So far the islands I have been to are Isabela, Santa Cruz, and right now I am in San Christobal. Ecuador was really nice. But my favorite place in Ecuador that we went to is called Mindo. I liked Mindo the best because in Mindo we stayed up in the mountains, in the beginning of the Cloud Forest. So at night, when we would sit by the fire, the clouds would drift all the way down to where we were sitting. The view was also incredible. Another reason why I liked Mindo the best is because the person who owned the place had thirteen HORSES! And we got to ride them. When we were not riding them, they would graze along the mountain side. And we could go up there and feed them treats! It was so cool. The person who owned the ranch’s name was Lois. She was super nice and also owned two dogs, chickens, chicks, and roosters. There was also an extremely talented cook named Mary, who cooked us super good meals. I also really love the Galapagos. I think it is awesome! There are iguanas everywhere, seal lions lying all along the streets, and a zillion at the beach. You can swim with them in the water, and they love to play with you. There are also a lot of pelicans and birds, and so many different kinds of animals. One of the reasons I love the Galapagos is that every animal there is protected, and you can’t kill any animals except for a certain amount of fish and chicken. So far South America is the best. I can’t wait to go to Peru! TO BE CONTINUED!

January 3

One Long Day

We FINALLY Image result for bored emoji boarded the plane. It was a looooong flight. Seven HOURS! When we finally got to Ecuador we were looking for a green bus. Once we found it we rode in it for at least half an hour. (But it felt like a million years.) After we got off the bus, we found a taxi and rode in it to find our apartment we had rented. But we couldn’t find it, so we gave up in the taxi, and continued on foot. Well you can imagine what happened. We were all already tired and hungry, and we couldn’t find our apartment! Related image We asked many different people for directions, and they all said different things! We finally found a restaurant and while we were waiting for the food to come (it was an extremely long wait) my dad found our apartment. (We got our food when dad came back!) I thought that the food wasn’t even good. Also, Ecuadorian water is really bad for foreigners, so we can’t drink the water without purifying it first, and we can’t eat anything that is raw and washed with their water (like a salad). So we couldn’t eat the vegetables in the Chicken Shawarma (which was the dish that we ate).  After we finished eating, we went up to our apartment room, and I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Related imageIt was the prettiest apartment ever! There were three bathrooms, three bedrooms, and in the living room there were two couches with pillows and blankets, one little couch, and one little table. In the kitchen there were two long counters, and lots of little drawers to put things in. There was also a refrigerator and freezer. And there was a laundry room too. There was a little confusion with the fold-away beds, but my dad said that they would come in tomorrow. But for now we had three beds and we decided that my mom and dad would sleep in the biggest bedroom, and Hannah and I would sleep in the other two bedrooms, while Rachel and Jacob slept on the couch. As soon as I hit the bed, I fell asleep. Long day, and tiring, but good!