January 30

I Love This Trip!

(I will add in the pictures later, where I am staying has really bad WiFi)



So far I have been here and there and everywhere only in about a month’s time. So far I have been to Ecuador, and the places I have been in Ecuador are Quito, Nono, Mindo, and Otavalo. I have also been to the Galapagos Islands (which are owned by Ecuador).  So far the islands I have been to are Isabela, Santa Cruz, and right now I am in San Christobal. Ecuador was really nice. But my favorite place in Ecuador that we went to is called Mindo. I liked Mindo the best because in Mindo we stayed up in the mountains, in the beginning of the Cloud Forest. So at night, when we would sit by the fire, the clouds would drift all the way down to where we were sitting. The view was also incredible. Another reason why I liked Mindo the best is because the person who owned the place had thirteen HORSES! And we got to ride them. When we were not riding them, they would graze along the mountain side. And we could go up there and feed them treats! It was so cool. The person who owned the ranch’s name was Lois. She was super nice and also owned two dogs, chickens, chicks, and roosters. There was also an extremely talented cook named Mary, who cooked us super good meals. I also really love the Galapagos. I think it is awesome! There are iguanas everywhere, seal lions lying all along the streets, and a zillion at the beach. You can swim with them in the water, and they love to play with you. There are also a lot of pelicans and birds, and so many different kinds of animals. One of the reasons I love the Galapagos is that every animal there is protected, and you can’t kill any animals except for a certain amount of fish and chicken. So far South America is the best. I can’t wait to go to Peru! TO BE CONTINUED!

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18 thoughts on “I Love This Trip!

    1. rrakower27 (Post author)

      Hi Ginger,
      I didn’t want to go because I didn’t want to leave my friends.
      And right now I’m gone, and I miss you.

  1. rchen27

    Rebecca I think you did a great job writing this. I think that you have excellent punctuation and great use of words. Also I think that it’s really fun going to all those places I only have been to Santa Cruz and Brazil in South America. I think that the galgoplas Islands are really cool too. Have a great trip! See you back next year!

  2. rbass27

    Hi Horse/Headless Horseman(lady)/Becca
    I love your post. This place sounds really fun. your soooo lucky. My grandma is named Lowis and she also loves horses. her horses are the ones i ride on. Great post, Miss you.,
    Cat/Mrs. Piggy/ Beckie!!!

    1. rrakower27 (Post author)

      Hi Becky,
      Thanks for commenting,
      I miss you so much too. I wish you could have come with me.
      South America has been a blast so far. My favorite place so far is the Galapagos Islands.

  3. agoldman27

    HI BECCA!I miss you so much. Something at school always seems different. I know what it is: you’re not here! I hope you have an amazing time in South America. Consider yourself lucky. I wish I could come with you! Bye!
    From, Annabelle

    1. rrakower27 (Post author)

      Hi Annabelle,
      Thank you very much for that really nice comment. I miss you too.
      South America is awesome, and I’m really enjoying it, but I
      miss school, and my friends. (You are one of my friends)

  4. clammer27

    Hi Becca,its Caitlin. Wow, you’ve been to so many places already! It sounds like fun, and it’s SO cool that there are so many horses. I hope you enjoy the rest of your travels on this trip, and please keep writing posts.

  5. nghahremani27

    Hi Becca! I think that it is so cool that Lois has 13 horses! Is she going to get anymore? I miss you so much.

    1. rrakower27 (Post author)

      Hi Nina,
      No I don’t think she’s going to get any more, but she used to have 15 horses!
      (so lucky!)

  6. lmazer27

    Hi Becca!
    I agree with you, mindo sounds really cool! I would love too stay in a place like that. Especially with horses around. What are you looking foward to? miss you

    1. rrakower27 (Post author)

      Hi Lena,
      Mindo was really cool. Right now I am in Lima, Peru.
      And what I’m looking forward to, is climbing mount Machu Picchu.
      South America is really fun, but I also miss my friends, and school.

  7. Sarina. Pigs/Dogs/Bunnies!!

    I think it would be so cool to go there and it’s great that there are a lot of horses!
    Miss you Becca!


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