May 20

What’s Been Going On

Right now we are in the Bahamas and having a wonderful time. We are coming home on June 8th and thought it would be nice to spend our last couple of days relaxing. So far we have been in Ecuador, The Galapagos, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, and now the Bahamas. In the countries that we’ve been to we have always have had a ton of fun. We had a lot of fun swimming with the seals, learning how to snorkel, and seeing iguanas, pelicans, and seals like we see ants, bunnies, and squirrels at home in Scarsdale. In Ecuador we also had a lot of fun especially with their parks. In Peru we had so much fun because the people there throw huge parties everyday from morning until night. And the people are dressed up in costumes, and throw confetti, and make noise. But my favorite part about Peru was that we had a shaving cream fight for the carnival and it was awesome! We also celebrated my sister Rachel’s birthday in Peru and had an amazing dinner to celebrate her birthday. We have hiked mountains, and swam in oceans, snorkeled with hammerhead sharks below us in a vast ocean, hiked in National Parks, seen glaciers, saw a puma in the wild, and many more amazing things. But sometimes the trip has not always been so great, like the long overnight bus rides that we sometimes took or the long plane rides, or when my dad got an eye infection, or when we were driving in a National Park called Torres del Pine and the winds were going 122 kilometers per hour and our huge camper flipped over. But it’s all been great. I have learned new things like how to snorkel and sandboard. And tried new things like alpaca, lama, lomo saltado, and guinea pig. And improved on some things like hiking and climbing, packing my bag quickly and, of course, my Spanish. And I have most definitely had a lot of fun on this trip!


Here’s a little video you might enjoy.

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