May 20

What’s Been Going On

Right now we are in the Bahamas and having a wonderful time. We are coming home on June 8th and thought it would be nice to spend our last couple of days relaxing. So far we have been in Ecuador, The Galapagos, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, and now the Bahamas. In the countries that we’ve been to we have always have had a ton of fun. We had a lot of fun swimming with the seals, learning how to snorkel, and seeing iguanas, pelicans, and seals like we see ants, bunnies, and squirrels at home in Scarsdale. In Ecuador we also had a lot of fun especially with their parks. In Peru we had so much fun because the people there throw huge parties everyday from morning until night. And the people are dressed up in costumes, and throw confetti, and make noise. But my favorite part about Peru was that we had a shaving cream fight for the carnival and it was awesome! We also celebrated my sister Rachel’s birthday in Peru and had an amazing dinner to celebrate her birthday. We have hiked mountains, and swam in oceans, snorkeled with hammerhead sharks below us in a vast ocean, hiked in National Parks, seen glaciers, saw a puma in the wild, and many more amazing things. But sometimes the trip has not always been so great, like the long overnight bus rides that we sometimes took or the long plane rides, or when my dad got an eye infection, or when we were driving in a National Park called Torres del Pine and the winds were going 122 kilometers per hour and our huge camper flipped over. But it’s all been great. I have learned new things like how to snorkel and sandboard. And tried new things like alpaca, lama, lomo saltado, and guinea pig. And improved on some things like hiking and climbing, packing my bag quickly and, of course, my Spanish. And I have most definitely had a lot of fun on this trip!


Here’s a little video you might enjoy.

February 3

Pictures From The Trip


Hello, I’m back. CONTINUED…


Hi. When I said TO BE CONTINUED…  that was because I had to wake up early in the morning to catch a boat to go snorkeling. So now I’m back. But let’s just back up a little. I told you I would post pictures and videos and now I will. So before I went on that boat, (this was actually a few weeks ago) we went to a turtle reserve. And the turtles there were humongous! Here is a little fun video: Tortoise Race

Now after you stop laughing, or enjoying the little video,  if you look at the blog, you will see some cool pictures. Hope you enjoy! 


Sorry, but I have to go. I have a plane to catch that goes to Lima Peru.

Hope you liked my newest blog post!


January 30

I Love This Trip!

(I will add in the pictures later, where I am staying has really bad WiFi)



So far I have been here and there and everywhere only in about a month’s time. So far I have been to Ecuador, and the places I have been in Ecuador are Quito, Nono, Mindo, and Otavalo. I have also been to the Galapagos Islands (which are owned by Ecuador).  So far the islands I have been to are Isabela, Santa Cruz, and right now I am in San Christobal. Ecuador was really nice. But my favorite place in Ecuador that we went to is called Mindo. I liked Mindo the best because in Mindo we stayed up in the mountains, in the beginning of the Cloud Forest. So at night, when we would sit by the fire, the clouds would drift all the way down to where we were sitting. The view was also incredible. Another reason why I liked Mindo the best is because the person who owned the place had thirteen HORSES! And we got to ride them. When we were not riding them, they would graze along the mountain side. And we could go up there and feed them treats! It was so cool. The person who owned the ranch’s name was Lois. She was super nice and also owned two dogs, chickens, chicks, and roosters. There was also an extremely talented cook named Mary, who cooked us super good meals. I also really love the Galapagos. I think it is awesome! There are iguanas everywhere, seal lions lying all along the streets, and a zillion at the beach. You can swim with them in the water, and they love to play with you. There are also a lot of pelicans and birds, and so many different kinds of animals. One of the reasons I love the Galapagos is that every animal there is protected, and you can’t kill any animals except for a certain amount of fish and chicken. So far South America is the best. I can’t wait to go to Peru! TO BE CONTINUED!

January 3

One Long Day

We FINALLY Image result for bored emoji boarded the plane. It was a looooong flight. Seven HOURS! When we finally got to Ecuador we were looking for a green bus. Once we found it we rode in it for at least half an hour. (But it felt like a million years.) After we got off the bus, we found a taxi and rode in it to find our apartment we had rented. But we couldn’t find it, so we gave up in the taxi, and continued on foot. Well you can imagine what happened. We were all already tired and hungry, and we couldn’t find our apartment! Related image We asked many different people for directions, and they all said different things! We finally found a restaurant and while we were waiting for the food to come (it was an extremely long wait) my dad found our apartment. (We got our food when dad came back!) I thought that the food wasn’t even good. Also, Ecuadorian water is really bad for foreigners, so we can’t drink the water without purifying it first, and we can’t eat anything that is raw and washed with their water (like a salad). So we couldn’t eat the vegetables in the Chicken Shawarma (which was the dish that we ate).  After we finished eating, we went up to our apartment room, and I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Related imageIt was the prettiest apartment ever! There were three bathrooms, three bedrooms, and in the living room there were two couches with pillows and blankets, one little couch, and one little table. In the kitchen there were two long counters, and lots of little drawers to put things in. There was also a refrigerator and freezer. And there was a laundry room too. There was a little confusion with the fold-away beds, but my dad said that they would come in tomorrow. But for now we had three beds and we decided that my mom and dad would sleep in the biggest bedroom, and Hannah and I would sleep in the other two bedrooms, while Rachel and Jacob slept on the couch. As soon as I hit the bed, I fell asleep. Long day, and tiring, but good!


December 31

South America Here I Come!

One more day. That’s all I have. One more day in the United States. One more day to be in this little town called Scarsdale. One more day to sleep in my own bed. One more day to play with my own toys, and play with my neighbors, and play in my backyard, to snuggle up under the sheets of my own bed. That’s all I have. One more day. 


I am sad, Image result for sad emoji

but excited! Image result for excited emoji

I am sad because I don’t want to leave my house, and friends, and family. I don’t want to leave school. I don’t want to miss the chorus concert and the orchestra concert ( both which I am in.) I don’t want to be HOME SCHOOLED! Related image

But I am excited because it’s going to be a beautiful experience, and the time of my life

( everyone says that who hears about what we are going to do.) Image result for rolling eyes emoji

But I am also excited because we are going to see really cool things, and places.

We are going to Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina.

At least that’s what we’re planning to do. But, we might not make it to all of the places.

But we know for sure that we are at least going to Ecuador, and the Galapagos Islands.

People also say that South America has good food. Related image

But Southern Americans speak Spanish. So we will speak Spanish fluently when we come

back. Image result for uh oh emoji

I can’t wait to go to South America, and I also can’t wait to come back from South America. I have mixed feelings right now. Imagine what I felt like when I found out all this was happening. Image result for shocked emoji

Yeah, that was probably what I looked like. Anyway, that was a month ago. But I’m leaving tomorrow. So, I’ll blog tomorrow but like I said, this is going to be one CRAZZZZZZZZZZZZZYYYYY  trip!

December 19

I’m Back!

I’m Back!

Hi, it’s Becca! I am nine years old, and I go to Fox Meadow ELementary School.

One of my hobbies is horseback riding. I love horses so much!  I go to the farm at least once a week, and I wish I could live at the barn. I love the smell of horse manure, and the neighing, and stomping of the horses. I love the talking of the horseback rider trainers, in the arena. I love every little thing about the barn. I also like to bring an apple, or carrot, or some kind of treat to the horses. It’s amazing how as soon as I give it to them, they munch away. I go to horseback riding camp at  

Twin Lakes Farm. That’s one thing you can kind of decipher about me. In school people call me Horse. ( at least my friends do.) When I go horseback riding all of my worries melt away. I love the smooth walk of the horse, the bumpy, bouncy, ride of the trot, the smooth glides of the canter, and the wind whirring by your face in the gallop. And the flying of the horse and the rider, as they jump over the jumps. I love grooming the horses, and getting ready for a horseshow. I’ve been in horse shows before, they are really fun.

I also play the cello. I have  lessons once a week at my house, and I also have early morning orchestra, and in school cello. I really like the cello. It has such a mellow, and really nice sound. I love playing it. I just learned how to play Ode To Joy. That is my favorite song that an orchestra plays. I love how my fingers grip onto the bow, and the bow flattens along on the strings, and when I move my hand, a wonderful sound erupts from the beautiful cello. As soon as I start playing the cello all my worries go away. Just like when I go horseback riding.

I have two sisters and one brother. I have an older sister who is 10, and in 5th grade, a younger sister who is 7 and in 2nd  grade, and a younger brother who’s 5, and in kindergarten. I have a mom named Sali, and a dad named Michael, and they are both lawyers. They have a law firm called Rakower Law. I once went to court to see my dad in action. And I’m not going to lie, it was super boring for me, I didn’t even understand anything that was going on. In the end, my grandma ( my dad’s mom) started crying, and everyone started hugging, and they were all acting so weird. I asked what was going on, and they said that my dad had won. I was happy for him. The people who hired my dad were really happy too. We were going to go to a restaurant to celebrate when a man from the other side came over to us and said that sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and that’s life. He also said other stuff about my dad, and us. Good stuff.




Everyone says that I’m lucky to have my siblings. I know it’s true. But another thing that I am lucky to have is my parents. I know right now if you are reading this you’re thinking: well, duh! Of course you love your parents, almost everyone loves their parents. I know most people like their parents, but my parents are special. Just like everyone else’s. But mine are special in the “Rakower family” way. My parents always plan super cool adventures and things for us. About a week ago, I just found out that my family is going to South America for three to six months! Whaaaaaaaat?! I know right. It was extremely crazy when I found out too. But I think it will be one of the best adventures I’ve ever been on. It will be really fun! We are going to go to Ecuador, The Galapagos Islands, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia, so many places! I am going to get homeschooled. It is going to be so much fun! While I’m away, I will post things on my blog telling the people who are reading it, what I am doing, and I’ll show photos, and I’ll explain what I’m seeing, doing, and how it is. I will explain it so clearly, and the photos will have so much detail, that you’ll feel like you are in South America.

Hope you read my blog!




P.S. if you read my blogs while I’m in South America,

I guarantee  you’ll feel like you’re there!




March 5

Dust Buddies

Dust Buddies are good friends because: when one of the Dust Buddies pulls out the plug, of the vacuum cleaner, to save his friends, and to stop the vacuum, the maid almost saw the Dust Buddy. Also, when one of the Dust Buddies risks to go into the vacuum. When the Dust Buddy climbs into the vacuum cleaner, he screams: “NO!” In horror, as he sees his friends broken in pieces. And he tries furiously to put his friends back together. Then all the Dust Buddies get out of the vacuum. But then the maid plugs the vacuum back in, and. one of the Dust Buddies gets half pulled in. He has terror in his eyes. He does not want to get sucked up. Then his Dust Buddy friend pulls him half out of the vacuum. Finally, the Dust Buddy’s friend, fighting furiously to get his friend out of the vacuum, does! And the Dust Buddies are reunited! Then they suck up the maid, and throw her out of the house! And the Dust Buddy friends all cheer!


The Dust Buddies learned to never leave a friend behind! 

March 1

I Hope One Day Our World Will Change!



Have you ever wondered: ” is our world ever going to change, I hope it does.” ” You know what, i’m not going to just sit around and wait for the world to change.” Besides, what if the world never does change?” I am going to do something about it!” If you have wondered that before, then you are the kind of person that understands that we need to change out world NOWl!

I used to watch bunnies play in my backyard with their families and friends. I used to see butterflies gliding through the air past me when I walked outside.  I used to hear birds tweeting happily together. I used to ask my parent, where do all the less fortunate  people stay, if they don’t have homes? What do the less fortunate people eat, and drink, if they don’t have any money to buy things? Why do so many animals go extinct, and why is it the human’s    species,  fault? My parents used to tell me, not to worry about those things, and that at least we are lucky to have food, water, shelter, and company! And I know that. we are lucky, and I am grateful! But so many people are NOT lucky, and it breaks my heart! When I go to the city, I see poor people sleeping in GARBAGE BAGS, and eating food out of the GARBAGE CAN! Here I am, in the city, I am going back to my three floor house, which has blankets, and beds, and a couch, and tables, and chairs, pillows, stuffed animals, people who love and take care of me, I have tons of food, water, and two full cabinets of food, and a full refrigerator, and it’s a very cozy house! And in the city there are people who sleep in GARBAGE BAGS, AND PEOPLE WHO EAT OUT OF GARBAGE CANS! I feel so bad for all those other people who aren’t as lucky as you or I! so that’s why I NEED, EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE, to help me Change our world, because we NEED IT TO CHANGE!