week 2 of plants

kinetic sand and controlled
no sunlight plant

On the second week of planting cell three and four each had two plants I was realizing the plant just kept getting better and better.
Now the plant was growing taller they were about two centimeters.
The leaves are looking more green I could tell that this plant was healthy. There was at least four leaves on each plant. In our manipulated there was still nothing growing.I think that it is not growing because it did not have the same minerals that soil has.

Our no sunlight plant was taller but it was still yellow and white. It’s about 3 centimeters it still does not look so healthy. I think for a plant to stay healthy it needs sunlight.

one plastic bag

One Plastic Bag by  Miranda Paul is mostly about five women that try to stop people from using plastic bags. They make the old plastic bags into little purses. My favorite part was when Isatou tries solve the problem. This reminds me of when the green club tries to stop people to buy plastic. The message of the book is that you can do anything you want. You should help the earth be a better place too.

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Banning the Plastic bags in Bali by TED talk is mainly about two girls that try to stop plastic bags in Bali .My favorite part is when they convinced the mayor of Bali to ban plastic bags because it was really cool to see kids accomplished so many things .This TED talk reminds me of the book One Plastic Bag.  

my reflection on the ELA state test


I liked the ELA test. I thought it was a challenge. It also helped me learn a lot. Even though it was a lot of work I thought it was  kind of fun. I am happy that we get to do it again in May, but the funny part is that my teacher read a script everyday. I am happy that we got to stretch in the middle of the ELA test. This is why I liked the ELA test.

math state test reflection

The math state test was ok it was not as bad as I thought it would be. There was a lot of area questions,but that was ok I think that bar modeling really helped me solve the problems. Most problems took about 8 minutes. The first day of the math state test was the easiest out of the three days. The second day was ok and the third day was a little hard. I’m a little happy we did it just because I want to be prepared for other tests. It went by really quickly.Although you might get a little nervous at the beginning it feels a lot better at the end. I am happy I did the math state test.