Rube Goldberg #1 – Our Plan

Hannah, Gia and I were are creating a Rube Goldberg at my house. We figured since I’m allergic to gia and Hannah’s pets we can do it at my house. A Rube Goldberg is a chain reaction from one thing to another and at the end will do a simple task. But, first we needed to figure out what we were using, and what our task was. Finally we decided for our simple task to be a basketball going in the hoop, it might seem simple but it is not especially the fact that it’s eight steps or more.

With all of our teamwork and creativity, my prediction is that this Rube Goldberg will exceed our expectations. It was a bit of a challenge finding the perfect schedule for our Rube Goldberg project but we managed it correctly. We tried to find as many items to use as possible to fill in the eight steps. We are supposed to do a blog post, create a eight step project, video recording, sketch and documentation. My group and I are trying to make a complex Rube Goldberg and exceed expectations. We can’t wait to continue our Rube Goldberg.

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