Rube Goldberg #2 – Building our Project

As soon as we entered my house we went straight to working. We managed not to get distracted by anything or anyone.  We gathered as many items as possible to use for our project, which includes Basketball, dominos, jenga, a ramp, blocks, and magnatiles. We had to take many trips upstairs and downstairs. We found it was challenging to fill in eight steps but we managed to exceed our expectations with nine steps in total.

We had many ideas most of them were fails but we created a nine step idea. Though we had a couple of repeating steps (we did not count them.) we pulled of a great start with all of our amazing, mind blowing ideas. I’m so excited to continue working on this project. We had many challenges starting our project for example the dominos kept on falling. But we still continued to work super hard. Although we found our work very appealing to ourselves we knew we that we still had some work to do.


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