Rube Goldberg #6 – A Helping Hand

We could never do the magnificent job we did without a bit of help. We are very thankful for my brother we used a lot of his toys for some of our steps. We also used help from my mom to show us some of the items that we also could, and did use for a couple of our steps. We had a lot of help from the people around us but we also used a couple of good website resources.

Here are some of the helpful links we used

Billie, Abby and Maxine

Audri’s rube goldberg

Sprice on america got talent


My favorite resource we used was Audri’s Rube Goldberg. This was one of my favorites because it was very inspiring from one kid to another. The Goldieblox Rube Goldberg was another favorite because it was very complex and exciting I liked this especially because their task in the end was really amazing.


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