Rube Goldberg #7- Reflecting Overall

Over all the hard work that we accomplished we did a great job. Our video turned out to be very complex and organized. We worked quickly but efficiently to try to finish our project on time. I think our group ( Hannah, Gia and I.) Worked very well as a team and stayed on task and didn’t get distracted. We met up for Rube Goldberg four times. We had to try to find the perfect time for all of us to meet up that was definitely a challenge. We conquered and overcome our challenges easily.

Hannah worked on the video a lot and but in special effects and music. We are very happy with the results of how everything really turned out to be. Working with a great team was an advantage because we all had different strengths and weaknesses. We also worked very diligently together. I had a great experience doing our Rube Goldberg project. Here is a link to the video we put together.

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