Reflecting on the Whole Unit – Interview #5

This was a really exciting project. It was really enjoyable, My favorite part of the project was the interview itself I liked it because it was very easy and quick and a huge learning experience. I also really loved using Adobe Spark because it was challenging and it was cool trying out something different from what we usually use.

This project was a bit of a challenge because of its variety of steps in completing it. It was also challenging doing as much as I could in a short period of time. I had trouble planning out the whole project I’ve learned that it’s better to create a schedule for the whole project so it is easier to complete it.

I was extremely nervous in the conducting of the interview. I all this project was much different than I expected it to be. Sometimes it was harder than I imagined it would be for example Adobe Spark was much more of a challenge than I expected it to be. But, In other situations it was much easier than I thought it would be such as conducting the interview.

I’m so excited to do more projects like this. Although I had my favorite parts I also had my least favorite steps. I didn’t really enjoy creating my interview questions because the process was very long and revising it was very difficult because sometimes it was unchangeable

Here is my video:

Doing My Project on Adobe Spark -Interview #4

  Adobe Spark was the heart of the project, I started to get used to Adobe Spark and I’m more excited to do my project than I was before. Adobe Spark is really nice because you have a lot of options and freedom on it and generally because it works on so many wonderful projects. I especially like Adobe Spark for this specific project.

     I think that in comparison to google slides this has more benefits because you can use a narrative over your visuals.  Also the music is really nice to put with your visuals and the narrative. I didn’t think that I would be using the graphic but I did use it a couple of times to create a better visual.


The Immigrant Interview – Interview #3

Interviewing my babysitter, Cora was much easier than I expected it to be. At first, when I was preparing for the interview I thought the interview itself would be awkward and I felt very nervous about it. But in reality the interview was very short and easy. I was very worried about my questions because I thought they would not give me enough information. But as it turned out I was very satisfied with Cora’s answers.

In preparation for the interview I brought the question sheet to write down her answers and a recording app, I brought to ways two keep track of her answers just incase something happens to one I would have backup. I’m really happy how the interview turned out. In the future I know that next time I do an interview I should not get too concerned and anxious on the results. I think the interview was a big learning process.


Adobe Spark – Interview #2

We were introduced do a new way to create a video, Adobe Spark. When I first used it I wasn’t used to it and didn’t understand its advantages. Our computer teacher, Mr. Casal had do a sample project on a topic we were  familiar with. This was very helpful to get used and understand all the new quirks.

There were many pro’s and con’s about Adobe Spark. One of the pro’s was you could use a voice overs this provides a narrative point of view to tell the story with a voice. Another pro is you can create a graphic photo or poster and but that in your video. You also have many options to insert a photo in your video. You can choose whatever size, font, layout and theme for your Adobe Spark video. There is also a variety of music you can put in your background.

There were also a couple of cons sometimes resizing your photo was difficult. So you had to create a graphic and set the proper size. Also sometimes there was not the perfect music to fit your video. You had to experiment a lot to find the perfect fit for your video. It also was annoying switching off between your video and the graphic.

I’m really excited to use Adobe Spark to narrate my interviewee’s journey entering the U.S. Overall the pro’s my favorite part about Adobe Spark is  narration in the background and the variety of options there is to create your video. My least favorite part about Adobe Spark is that you have to switch back and forth a lot between the graphic and video.

Preparing for the Immigrant Interview – Interview #1

In school we are supposed to interview someone who emigrated from their country to America. I interviewed my babysitter Cora, Cora emigrated from the Philippines to America. In preparation for an interview you must create an acceptable amount of questions. Most of the questions should be answered with multiple words, creating a follow up question is very helpful. You should try do get the most information you can out of one question.

We revised and edited our questions multiple times just to make sure they were the best they can be. Our teacher had us take notes on videos of how to conduct an interview, this was very helpful because it gave me an idea of what we were supposed to do when asking the interviewee a question and how we were supposed them. There were also some very good tips in the videos.

Some of the videos I liked were…

Brainpop’s “Conducting an Interview”

Storyworks, “Four Effective Tips for Conducting an Interview”

“Tell Me Your Story” – Interviewing Tips for Kids

Journalism How To Lead an Interview

What Kids Can Do, “How to Conduct a Strong Interview” fact sheet

StoryCorps “Tips for Effective Interviews Great Questions List” handout

Miami Arts Charter “Tips to Conduct a Good Interview”

Some of my favorite videos were Brainpop’s “Conducting an Interview”  and Storyworks, “Four Effective Tips for Conducting an Interview”  I liked these because I thought they were the most helpful.

Here are the questions I used…

Immigrant Interview Questions