Capstone #4, “Site visit”

I really enjoyed my site visit, my site visit and the interview took place in the same setting. My favorite part of the site visit was seeing how an Uber driver can apply to work in the company and how they rent there type of transportation that they needed. On my site visit we took some time on looking at the cars I had noticed that the taxi industry had not been doing great because of the actions of Uber. I think that since the site visit was a huge prompt in the research area I learned a lot like one of the reasons Uber has great business is because of there advanced technology, they have an entire army of technology genius working with them.

I really took notice to the fact that when renting a car/becoming and Uber driver there is a lot of decisions you have to make such as what car rental/lease company are you willing to use since there are multiple options. Before my site visit I wasn’t extremely sure how the process of becoming an Uber driver is and after my site visit I really understand it. I realized that becoming Uber driver hold many more opportunities than a taxi driver because that takes a lot of patience and work to get a taxi license. There are multiple advantages of being and Uber driver let alone that the company itself. I really enjoyed this learning opportunity/experience.

I am really excited to start answering my inquiry question and really focus on one thing and have a big research process.

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