Capstone #6, “Working on My Final Product”

Working on my final product was exhilarating yet nerve wracking at the same time. It was a large peice of the process. I had decided to do my final presentation as an ignite, the reason I chose an ignite is because I am experienced with it and I feel more comfortable having time standards. My first time presenting in front of my classmates and teachers I used my script, this made a huge impact on the presentation because I was more reassured that everything was correct. I enjoyed getting critical feedback so my presentation could be the best it could. I think a few of my main problems were not introducing the topic in an orderly way. Also, I had glanced at the screen a lot. I think I did a pretty good job on talking loud and clear. I think all the research had finally begun to pay off.

I had tried to fix/revise all the things that had not been satisfied to the audience. I was really excited to perform with my presentation been done edited. The only problem was it was not fully memorized. To memorize, instead of using my script I had begun to practice with flash cards and stating the key components for each slide.  This was good because it was taking small steps to the future goal of having everything fully memorized. This took quite amount of time, I was still changing a few minor issues on my show (The picture being blurry.) It was extremely helpful to watch other people perform because some of the feedback had impacted my own presentation.

Finally, I had to do another presentation in front of my classmates after the past revision. I felt confident in my memorization and in my visual presentation. I practiced multiple times and it contributed to the way I performed. Memorizing made me feel secure about my performance and I felt less nervous. I think I did much better than last time I had done my ignite. Reflecting back on my  visuals I had changed a couple of things due by my feedback. I think that the timing was really good which is not so easy since I was performing an ignite. I think my visuals were very clean and simple which was how I wanted it to be. I think the outcome has been a great and wonderful performance due to all my hard work and research I had put into it.


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