Post #5: Switchs

For my first switch I created a rubber band connected to card board with tin foil on it the rubber band was also connected to a stand created out of popsicle sticks. The card board would be able to move and have flexibility based on the rubber bands. When piece of cardboard with tinfoil touched a base with tinfoil, when you pressed them together a circuit is attached to it  and an LED light goes one.

For my second switch I made a pipe cleaner through a straw, that way it could move back and forth a card board piece and when the end of the pipe cleaner (which had tin foil at the end of it) hit another platform of cardboard that had tin foil when they touch the LED light turns on.

For my third switch I created a cardboard platform glued onto that was another piece of cardboard, attached to that were to rubber bands connected to a stand made out of popsicle sticks. When I pushed one piece of cardboard down to the other one, they both had tin foil on them, the LED light turned on again.

It was very interesting creating all of these switches. I came towards some obstacles like getting a very bad hot glue bubble blistered burn or having to restart a switch but overall it was really a cool outcome.

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