Post #4: Sottering Unit

Sottering was really interesting it was something that you don’t usually do. Sottering was different from what I expected for example, I thought it was easy to get the right amount of Sotter on the design but it wasn’t but in the end it was exactly what I’d hope for.

Post #3: Designing our Jewelry

For designing our jewelry we filled out a sheet with multiple circles to brainstorm a lot of designs to choose from. From there we made a template on the app Vetornator. My design was very difficult so we had to base a different one off of that. Then from there we started gathering the wire to make our design come to life.

Post #2: Breakout

During breakout we learned about teamwork and communication  skills we also became closer as a class and it was a challenge to accomplish and exceed all of the locks. It was very interesting experience I think that it would have been better if we worked in smaller groups.

Post #1: Quotes

In Mr.Calvert’s class he has inspirational quotes around his classroom.  I think they are very helpful and pushes you through into determination. My favorite quote is by Thomas Edison this quote illustrates the fact that trying something that doesn’t work doesn’t mean you’ve failed it means you experienced learning from something that doesn’t work. In the quote it states “I have not failed. I have found 10,000 ways that don’t work.” This quote is very inspirational to me.