Capstone #1, “Choosing our Topic”

In Class, Mrs. Edwards Introduced us to a new project called Capstone, Capstone is a huge project that falls in the subject of Social Studies, you pick two topics of some of your favorite interests and hobbies and create them into a question form this is called your inquiry question. For my inquiry question I am doing how has Uber affected society and how can Uber be improved. I am really interested in Cars generally but in specifics Uber. Since we had to pick two of our favorite interests my second topic was What is the process of creating a I phone I am also really interested.

I am really excited to begin this project. I am mostly excited for the interview and site visit because since my main topic is Uber I am really curious to see the company and excited to conduct my interview. This is also a huge opportunity to learn more on some of the things I’m really interested in. I am really looking forward to the heart of the project which is the presentation. For my presentation I want to do an Ignite and ignite is usually a five minute presentation that involves memorization (a script) and a slide show. The reason I want to do an Ignite is because I am very familiar and experienced so I know how it works.

As much as I am excited I am feeling tense and nervous because I don’t know what the out come of my project will be meaning will it be good or bad. I am also nervous because I might try to do some of my priorities like the interview or site visit at the last minute. I know that my project will be as best as I can make it, but what is the best that I can do?  I am especially nervous to perform my presentation because it has to be memorized and known by heart.

In all this is a huge part of our unit and is both full of excitement and also anxiety and nervousness. I can’t wait to get deeper in this project and recognize the outcome. I also think that it would be interesting to see my other classmates effort and presentation.