Reflecting on Creating My Immigrant Interview WeVideo

I had so much fun creating this WeVideo for the interview I did with my grandfather. It was a great experience that I enjoyed very much. I put a lot of effort into my WeVideo and I hope that it helps people learn about my grandfather.

Constitution Project Reflection

I think overall this project was very fun to do even though it was a bit stressful. In the end I did successfully answer my question and share my learning. I worked very hard on my project and had a great time doing it to, I learned a lot from this and hope to learn more in my free time.

Constitution Project: My Research Reflection

I’ve done my research on my question, “what state did no send a delegate to the Constitutional Convention and why?” The research was very challenging because i could not find much information at first but that motivated me to keep looking. In the end i found a answer to my question.

Constitution Project: Why I Chose to Research The Question I Chose.

I chose to research the question:

What state did not send a delegate to the constitutional convention and why?

because i thought it was interesting that every other twelve states sent a delegate to the convention except one. I want to find out what state did not send a delegate and why they chose not to do so.

What I Think About The Electoral College

My opinion on the Electoral College is that we shouldn’t have one, I think this, because a candidate could have 10,00 more votes from the U.S citizens and still lose because of the Electoral College. An example of this is the last Election, Hillary Clinton had about 8,000 more votes from the U.S citizens then Trump did, but because of the Electoral College Trump won the election. This is why I think we shouldn’t have an Electoral College.

Who I Want to Win The Presidential Election

I want Biden to win because the issue I want to be handled is the economy and I like where Biden stands on that because he wants to increase taxes on the wealthy to help people who don’t have as much money. Another reason I want Biden to win is because Trump has not handled Covid 19 very well, and I think Biden could handle it better. I want Biden to win but, I hope whoever becomes president stops the pandemic. 

Reading the Weather Reading the World – Project Ignite Reflection

The process of making this weather ignite was very interesting and very hard. There were many steps. First we had to be put in groups then we had to chose what we would want to research about in  the area of tsunamis. By that i mean we had to decide if we would research the firsthand experiences the important events the measurement and safety the causes or the effects. I chose to do firsthand experiences. we researched about three to four weeks. then we had to take that research and put it in to one narrative per person. Then we had to take it and slice it into smaller parts that we can say in fifteen seconds so we had one whole script.

I started out with two slides and now i have six. Then we had to put in images that matched with what we were saying. After that we had to paste into the speaker notes so the words aren’t visible when you put it in present. We had to practice over and over and over again by now are timing is really good. We still practice once a day.


Math Graphing – Bar Graphs and Pictographs

This is my graphing project. I surveyed my classmates and teachers and asked them “What is your favorite school subject out of Math, Science, Art, Geography, or Writing?” I tallied my results and created a bar graph. On my slideshow I created both a bar graph and a pictograph to display my data. One thing I enjoyed about this project was making the pictograph on the computer. I hope you enjoyed viewing my final Google Slides Presentation.