Why I Think Joe Biden Should Win The Election

I think that Biden should win the election. One reason I think this is because Biden wants to keep Obama care and use government money to pay medical bills for people who can’t afford it. Another reason I think that Biden should win is because Biden wants to set more laws to help with climate change and make the earth more green. In conclusion those are some of the reasons why I think Biden should win.

Mystery Science

Today I had to watch a video about germs🦠 and bacteria here are a couple of things I learned. I learned that hand sanitizer works by drying your hands and drying the outside layer of the bacteria to kill the bacteria. Also I thought that gems where discovered a lot earlier than they actually where.

NYC field trip

Today 1/28/2020 we went on a field trip to NYC we went to the Staten Island ferry one of New York’s landmarks. It was really fun We past the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn bridge. Instead of staying inside the boat we went to where they used to put cars. After we went to pier 17 and ate lunch there and also we got a really clear shot of the Brooklyn bridge because it is right next to it. The world today was weird and I really liked it.

Book Review Fudge-a-Mania

this is my book review I first had to think about a lead to get the reader hooked then I had to connect to the book. I hope you read this book.




Book: Fudge-a-Mania

Author: Judy Blume

Recommended: by Sam

 Would you rather spend a month with your enemy or spend a month with your best friend? In the book Fudge-a-Mania by Judy Blume Peter can’t choose, he has to spend a month with his enemy. Then Peter finds out that he can invite a friend. Will Peter invite his best friend Jimmy? Or will he think Jimmy will get mad by his enemy? Peter tries to find the best ways to have fun. Also peter and his younger brother Fudge-Farley are constantly getting in fights. I can relate to this because me and my siblings are always getting into fights. Do you think that Peter will find a way to enjoy his time and have fun or even get out of going read to find out. I think that anyone who likes comedy or drama will love this book I rate this a 5 out of 5 stars. Enjoy.




Have you ever wondered about Albania’s cultural universals? Well I did a project all about it. This project took me one month. I did three weeks of research and one week of work on Adobe Spark Video. On Adobe Spark Video, first I made a Google doc and I planned it. Then when I  was done I got the pictures for the slides and put them on Adobe Spark Video. When I was done I started to record the script on each slide. I hope you learn a lot about Albania from my project and I hope you go to Albania!


3D’s Favorite Movie Genre

First I started this while thing by thinking of a survey question and asking it to my class. My question was what is your favorite movie genre fantasy, comedy, horror, or none. Then I got a piece of paper and made a tally chart with the info I collected. After that I made a pictograph on paper. Then I went onto Google sheets and made a bar graph. Then once I got my approval for the pictograph I got poster paper. On the poster paper I got to choose to draw a pictograph or a bar graph. I decided to do a pictograph. I put a lot of time into my drawing on the poster paper. I hope you like my slideshow. Enjoy!

Dung beetle

This is my book we worked hard as a class to all do a expert book. We all had to think of a topic that we now all about. I chose a dung beetle because I went to south africa and saw one and was very intrested. The proses was hard we  first worked on our table of contens. then we started wrighting