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Literary Writing (based on pictures) - 4th Grade
4th Graders, As we talked during our Zooms, you will be looking at the slides below and using them to craft a story that aligns with how you see and interpret the images. You can re-arrange the images as you see fit.  Look at all the images (More)
4th Grade - Fox Book - Finishing and Sharing
4th Graders, Now that you are done with your Fox Book video you need to finish it and share. Once ready, click Finish Name it according to the name template below (4V for Volpi, 4B for Boyer) 4V - Fox Book - your first name only (More)
4th Grade - Fox Audiobook w/WeVideo
4th graders, Now that you have some practice with WeVideo we are going to turn your Fox book into an audiobook. If you need to remind yourself about the basics of WeVideo More)
4th Grade - WeVideo - 2021 Edition
When creating a movie, video, PSA, or any visual project using a non-linear editor like WeVideo you need to keep a few standard rules in mind:   Start with 2 seconds of black End with 2 seconds of black Images should be between 4-6 (More)
4th Grade Ignite Talks - assignment 1
This year 4th graders will be doing Ignite-style talks throughout the year. The talks will be about various topics and curriculum experience, designed to inform and inspire their audience about what they have learned and experienced. In preparatio (More)
Responsible Use Policy - Grades 2-5
The Responsible Use Policy is a document that outlines, for all Scarsdale Schools users (teachers and staff alike) appropriate use guidelines for using district devices, accounts, and services. Every year I do this lesson with the students, usuall (More)
4th Grade PSAs
4th graders, You are working on PSA projects. You've had lessons about picking a topic, researching aspects, and writing a narrative. As you approach the point where you're taking that narrative and revising it into a script, here are a few exampl (More)
GMail for Students
3rd and 4th graders now have access to their @scarsdaleschools.org GMail inboxes. 5th graders were given access at the start of 2020. Email in 3rd through 5th grade is designed to streamline communication. Teachers and students will still use Driv (More)
4th Grade Blog Commenting Practice
This post is so 4th graders can practice using the commenting feature. It is a post to review the why and how of commenting and ensure everyone understands the proper procedures and expectations.   4th graders, don't forget to use the More)
4V Colonial America Ignites
This year we tried something different, we decided to try the Ignite format with 4th graders. The Ignite Talks format is something we've done with 5th graders for a few years as part of the More)
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