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CapCon! 2021 - a primer
5th graders, This post has a breakdown of everything you'll need to get started with your Capstone project. This is the (More)
5th Grade - Immigration WeVideo - Important Notes
5th graders, A couple of important reminders A project like this is about layering elements to create a more meaningful, textured, story. Text, images, voice over, and music, all work together to create a more engaging final product than you (More)
5th Grade - Immigration WeVideo - Script
5th graders, As we talked about today, your WeVideo project on Immigration does not start with WeVideo, it starts with a Google Doc. What you need to do: In your Social Studies folder, make a new folder called Immigration Make sure yo (More)
5th Grade - Constitution Project Requirements
5th graders, We have practices how to make an Infographic, More)
5th Grade - Constitution Projects - Finishing and Sharing
5th graders, Now that you are done, you need to finish and share. Here's how to do it, based on each format...   Finishing a WeVideo video https://youtu.be/eMax6qCOKXM Finishing a Screencastify video https://youtu.be/RIN8kXZ5fj (More)
5th Grade - Constitution Projects - Adding to Your Blog
5th graders, Now that you are done with your Constitution Projects, it is time to add them to your blogs. If you made a video and added it to the shared folder, I will put it on YouTube. If you did an infographic you can add that as an image fi (More)
5th Grade Ignites - Part 2 - 2020 Edition
5th graders, In the last blog post you were working on creating a script for your Ignite. This post deals with creating the slides. Keep in mind, Ignite Talks are not a special software. Ignite Talks are a style of presenting information. In (More)
5th Grade Infographics - 2020 Edition
5th graders, As we discussed during our live Zoom, infographics are ways of conveying information visually. Literally, information graphics. A few key points to remember as you create your infographics... Infographics contain... quality (More)
5th Grade - WeVideo - 2020 Edition
When creating a movie, video, PSA, or any visual project using a non-linear editor like WeVideo you need to keep a few standard rules in mind:   Start with 2 seconds of black End with 2 seconds of black Images should be between 4-6 (More)
5th Grade Blogging
5th graders, We have officially kicked off our blogging for the year. Here is a tutorial with everything you'll need. To begin, use the tutorial to join your teacher's class blog make sure you have the proper Categories created publi (More)
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