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Antarctica Postard
For the next (and past) few days, my class and Mrs. Kenney's class are going to make postcards about Antarctica. I am making small sketches of what I want to do, and I decided on the one (More)
James Madison
https://youtu.be/tn0UsFXdYpo?list=PLJKE9NQ_R6yeC2BQadAcRxEcXUBbTKDZi Rachel Zwaig   An important event on March 16, 1751 In Port Conway, Virginia was when James Madison was born. Among the many different founders of the Constitution, on (More)
Biteable: Rachel's Passion
https://youtu.be/P1SbI-wt6Pc?list=PLJKE9NQ_R6yc3I5pHyTk3nP_2XCzOQ2xD This is a video that my passion partner, Evelyn from Evelyn's Blog, made about me on Biteable. (More)
Bitable: Evelyn's Passion
https://youtu.be/7bimNA6vH9U?list=PLJKE9NQ_R6yc3I5pHyTk3nP_2XCzOQ2xD This is a video that I made of my passion partner, Evelyn, on Biteable. (More)
California Infographic
Nation Project Infografic
The final phase of the Nation Projects is a Infografic. here is mine. (More)
Founder Book!
Hi! We started this new project in class called Founder Book. We all took notes on 5-6 Founding Fathers, then we put from 3-5 people that we wanted. The 5 founders that I wanted were George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander H (More)
The Election
A few weeks ago, we had presidential elections. As you probably know, Donald Trump won. Both of our main candidates were accused of some kind of crime, Hillary's being the deleted emails, and Donald's being sexual abuse towards women. I think that th (More)
Nation project
I am working hard on my nation project! My first nation project is about Iceland. I am very exited to research this because I went to Iceland last year! Iceland is very interesting it has tons of cool physical features. For our Nation projects you ne (More)
Botswana Slideshow
Here is my presentation Thank you for watching (More)
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