South America Here I Come

I have one more day until we go to South America.  Tomorrow my family and I are all going to wake up early, and get on a car that will bring us to the airport. I am excited, Image result for excited emoji

and sad. Image result for sad emoji

I don’t want to leave my home, and school, and friends, and I’m going to miss the chorus concert, and the orchestra concert ( which I’m in ) and I’ll have to get HOME SCHOOLED! Related image

The good part about going to South America, is that it will be a great experience. Related image ( so says everyone who hears about it. )  We’ll see so many new things, and places. Related image ( and everyone says that our Spanish will improve by a lot! )  One of the places that we’re going to is called Machu Picchu, and this is what it looks like: Image result for machu picchu

beautiful right?

The first place that we are going to see is Ecuador. Image result for ecuador quito

The next place we are going to go to is The Galapagos Islands. Image result for the galapagos islands

After The Galapagos Islands, we are not sure what where we are going next, but the places that we are planning to go to are Ecuador, The Galapagos Islands, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina.


4 thoughts on “South America Here I Come

    1. Hi Sarina,
      It’s Becca.
      You are the only one who actually knows that this blog post I posted. Rachel’s class and Hannah’s class both think Rachel, and Hannah, posted it.

  1. Dear Rachel and Rakower Family,

    We love your first blog post. Here are all of our comments about your blog post:

    “When are you coming back?” – Taryn
    “We love your use of emojis!” – Zoe
    “Bring me some souvenirs!” – Nash/ Akif / Everyone
    “What is your favorite part of being in South America?” Mia / Amanda / Mr. Brodsky
    “Can you bring me some fresh ceviche?” – Mr. McKenna
    “What is it like to be homeschooled?” – Everyone.
    “Do you have homework while being homeschooled?” – Richard
    We have quite a few questions about being homeschooled.
    We would love it if you could facetime us!
    “What are you learning?” – Nathalie
    “Do you fight more with your siblings now that you are on this trip than you did before?” – Caterina
    “Do you miss four 4’s and square roots?” – Zoe / Akif

    Finally, here are the latest bad dad jokes for your enjoyment:

    “What does a mermaid use to wash her clothes?”


    “What kind of car does an egg drive?”

    A Yolkswagon.

    “Did you hear about the superhero with a lisp who worked out too much?”

    He was a little Thor.

    We miss you, Rachel, and look forward to hearing from you!
    Enjoy your trip!

    – The Brod Squad

  2. Dear Hannah and Family, This is from 2K:
    We hope you are having a great time. We miss you! School is not the same without you! We like the photos you added to the blog. Is it cold there? What is the time difference from NY? What have you seen in the Galapagos islands? Have you seen any interesting animals in your travels?

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