Mochi Master

This video shows the amazing skill and artistry of a mochi master. What is mochi and what is the most impressive thing about making it? Please click the Leave a Reply link to let us know what you’re thinking.

86 thoughts on “Mochi Master

  1. I think that is amazing. I would never want to do that though for a living. I would be nervous that the guy who is pounding would crush my hand or finger.

  2. The video was intriguing and I learned a lot about the art of mochi pounding and why the person in the video likes to do it.

  3. Mochi is a japanese food, and the most impressive thing about making it is how fast you have to be to make it perfect.

  4. Also i would not want to eat it because the mochi master puts his bear hands in the mix. Then they eat it. It also looks very slimey and mushy.

  5. what I think impressive though is that he can pound it 3 times second. That’s like SUPER fast.
    Also in the video to answer your question i think the mochi is sticky rice.

  6. When I was in pre-school here in america, we made mochi in January. We made this for a special holiday(new years). I got to try holding the wooden pounding stick and it was very heavy so my teacher helped me pound it.

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