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Classical Cafe hits GREENACRES!!!!


Classical Cafe              

Classical Cafe is a event where students get to perform and show their musical talents. It is a great opportunity to show off some of your skills in a smaller environment.  Here at Greenacres we have a wide range of performances. From singing to cello playing, we get to hear it all. We have some great volunteers that help us set up a fun and engaging environment with cloths on the tables and vases of flowers. We also have some very courageous students who have the nerve to come up and show us what they’ve got! Another big thanks to Ms. Blackhurst, the music teacher here at Greenacres who helps these students get over the bump in the road and will play along to any song. Our first Classical Cafe was on October 28. We heard cello, flute, violin, piano and a handful of singers. As Ariana Koenig said,“My experience singing at the classical cafe was awesome. It was pretty nerve racking.”

 The great benefit of classical cafe is that as we are munching away on our lunch, we get to hear these great students perform their wonderful performances. If you are a family member or parent of one of these performing children, never hesitate to pop in the room on one of these great lunches because we can promise you, they always make your day. The next Classical Cafe is on January 27, 2017. We hope you can make it!

By Dani B., Ayesha B. and Anna M.