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4th Grade

                                                                                                        4th Grade 

Anyone who is going into 4th grade will love it. In 4th grade you do a lot of fun things including revolutionary war book, current events, and colonial time things. All of these things are fun and interesting things that you will do in 4th grade. One of the most important things that you need to do in 4th grade is to have a lot of fun with everything that you will do in 4th grade.

When you are in 4th grade you will do a lot of fun things, but one of the most fun things is the American Revaluation books. In the American Revaluation books you will learn and write all about the revolutionary war, and how we got our independence. This was one of the most fun things because we got the draw and express our feelings about the revolutionary war, and how we got our independence. We started out with assigned things to research, but then we went our own ways and all ended up with great books about the revolutionary war.

If you now news, then you now that the quickest why to get it is by a article. Well another way to get news is by your fellow classmates. So we desisted that we had a number order that every day in number order that we would go on places that have articles and write about it and report it to our class. We all did a great job so I think that you will too. It was a fun and entertaining way to get to now the news for whats up in the world.

As you might now way before modern days we had colonial times and those days were very hard you had to make everything and about everyone was a farmer. So we did a project with the green screen and that was super fun. I think you will like it too.

All of these things were fun things that we did in 4th grade and I hope that you will like them too! Tell me in the comments what you think about 4th grade and what you think about my post! Thank you for reading my post!


My Food Chain


An ecosystem is a source of energy that animals live on, then it starts the food chain, because all animals need energy to live, so all animals rely on plants or other animals for energy.  All food chains end in decomposers. Decomposers are things that decompose other things, For example, worms decompose animals and molds decompose food, or leaves. Decomposers are helpful to the environment because,  if they weren’t  there there would be junk all over the place, and that wouldn’t be good. The sun is the main force of energy, so all ecosystems start with the sun because it is a ball of gas so it doesn’t need to get energy anywhere else. If one animal runs out/ is extinct, the whole ecosystem can go wrong and no animal can get its energy, so then it can’t live.

Reading With Mr. DeBerry and 4B

In reading with Mr. Debery we learned some of the aspects of reading non-fiction, then we went into teams and worked on some extreme weather and Mr. Debery used a book called Everything Weather  and taught us about all extreme weather, to help us in our research.


In  the teams we had to use teamwork, I think our team did a good job with teamwork not so sure about the other teams, because I was never in them we stuck with our group the whole time. When we were doing it we had homework, homework was sort of fun because of that for three reasons, one you did not know when the other teammates were going on, and if you see that they are on the same time as you it is more fun, another reason is that there is a lot of slides and it is fun to see what other people write in the same topic but in a different point of view.  


When I started doing my slide I just could not stop, I was enjoying it that  much, so when we stopped I was soooo upset I just wanted to write more, that is not bad is it? Anyways so when I got home my head was exploding with ideas, I could not wait to write them down, so I went straight to my room and onto my bed to go on my chromebook and wrote them all down, I was relieved I finally got to write them down on my slide now my head was not exploding with ideas any more but I still wanted to write more so I pushed my mind to think of more ideas, and when I thought of them I wrote them down fast so I would not forget, even if they had to be really really sort bullet points, and after I could not think of any more bullets to write down I fixed all the spelling errors, and I tell my family what I wrote about, and even one time I read it to my cat/kitten, Ruby. Another thought about teamwork is that sometimes it is hard to work in a team because weird stuff happens (sometimes by accident) like in our group someone (no names) changed the we eventually fixed it, but it was still a disaster.

In our Non-fiction unit with Mr. DeBerry we learned, how to choose the right book, like the 5 finger rule (which is not my favorite, but I still like it enuf to use it.) Another thing that we learned was how to tell, how books are organized and that was fun because I like being organized in general.  We also learned about text structures, and summaries, and “ spark questions”, how notes are not full sentences, and when you are takings notes you can use a thing called a Word bank, it is not a bank with words (sadly), but here is an example, if you were talking about castles, one word in your word bank might be kingdom. The most important thing for me was how authors have goals and achieve them, (author’s craft.) Watch my flipgrid to learn more. Here is a link to it.   My flipgrid feel free to comment, I would love that. Here is a link to my slide.

My Food Web

An ecosystem is a place where living and non living things interact with each other to survive. The animals are part of the food chain because all animals need energy to live.  Animals rely on plants or other animals for energy.  All food chains end in decomposers. Decomposers are things that decompose other things, For example, worms decompose animals and molds decompose food or leaves and make mushrooms in the process. Decomposers are helpful to the environment because they remove unwanted stuff from the environment and return its energy to the earth . The sun is the main force of energy, so all food webs start with the sun.  The sun is a ball of gas so it doesn’t rely on anything or anyone else to get it’s energy. If one animal becomes extinct, the whole ecosystem can go wrong. Then the secondary consumers may not be able to get their food.

I should call and text on my phone.

I have noticed that some of my friends can text and/or have an email account. I feel left out not being able to text or have an email. I see everyone talking on their phones and feel so sad not being able to. Most of my friends can. I believe I should text and have an email account on my phone.

Don’t you want me to learn to be more responsible? If l can text and call on my phone I will become more responsible. I will know or if it’s a good time to text or not. I need more practice being more responsible and the best way for me to do that is for me to text. For instance Serena’s dad saw a video and someone was texting near a fountain, then when she was texting she fell in the fountain. I would be embarrassed if I were her. I won’t be like that if I had practice. Some parents believe that if kids have an email they would stay up so late and text their friends. However I’m responsible enough not to do that, and I’ve shown you that in many ways, and I promise not to stay up late and text my friends I will text when you say I can.   

I should be able to keep in touch with you more. It’s important to me. If you don’t let me get an email, then I will never keep or be in touch with you. For example if I’m lost I can call you. If I don’t then I might be lost forever and I’ll miss you so much. Another example is that if there is any change you can tell me.

I can be more independent if I can text or call. It’ll help my knowledge a lot, because if I am more independent, then I won’t ask many questions. For instance if I was sick I could text or call my friends to see what I missed, without bothering you, so then you could relax more. Lastly if I don’t have a piece of homework I could call my friend to send me a picture of it then I could print it out and once more without disturbing you.                                                                    

I should obviously be able to text and call on my phone. Texting and calling on my phone would raise my level of responsibility. Next I should be able to keep in touch with you whenever I want. Lastly I will much more independent. If you have been thinking of having me doing something instead of going on my ipad, then texting and calling on my phone is the answer.