Welcome to 2016-2017!

It´s a brand new school year!!! I´m so excited!!! It´s my first time … well not first time blogging!!! I do not know why I have so many !!! . I´m super excited!!! This year is gonna be great!!! But it is so cool that we are going into 2017!!! I would have never guessed!!! I love school!!! And I am so excited for Halloween!!! And Thanksgiving!!! And Christmas!!! I love seeing my family members!!! And the food is so good!!! At Christmas my grandmother has a grab bag where everyone gets a number and the 1st + last is the best because the 1st picks the present first, and the last can trade with anyone. Once my sister when she was little got the number 1 and she traded numbers with my mom for 16!!! I got last once and I stole a pair of fuzzy Christmas socks!!!

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