First Launch Review

According to the data, J.E.X.L’s rocket went the highest at 57.5 meters and Blasting Rockets at approximately 20 meters. The difference between the two is 37.5 meters. My group is J.E.X.L (Jex-el). We were very proud of what we accomplished, but there was a bad side as well. Our rocket had great force shooting up, but it had the same amount of force coming down as well. And when our nosecone met the ground, it cringed up. None of the other rockets had this level of damage. We ┬ádocumented all the groups launch, with loads of videos and pictures. The tools we used were clinometers (Which measured how high the rocket went in angles) and a trundle wheel (which measures how far away the clinometer readers need to be). ┬áThen in order to launch, we needed some kind of organization. We used jobs. Jobs within the class and jobs within your groups. Some of the class jobs were…

  • Launch Master (in charge and yells when the countdown begins)
  • Supply Cart Manager (Takes care of/is in charge of the supply cart with all the launch pads in it)
  • Safety Chief (Makes sure everyone is safe and following the rules)

Some of the jobs within the group are….

  • Rope Puller (Makes the rocket go up)
  • Pumper (Pumps air into rocket)
  • Launch Pad Masters (Secures the rocket)

Each job is important and they have a big impact on the launch. If we didn’t have organization or jobs, this launch wouldn’t be possible. I wonder if ours went the highest because it was so thin and it was smaller than the other rockets. Before we launched, I was so nervous and excited to launch. When the launch master started the countdown I was thinking about what could go wrong. “Anything could go wrong” I thought. The damage was worse than I thought but its okay because we’ll rebuild it. Did it cringle up because the bottle was to thin? What made our rocket go so high?

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