The Button🕹! (Post #5)

I was really, really, really, behind on this project. It’s basically a big button made out of cardboard, a popsicle stick, and tinfoil. Here it is:


My friend helped me on this. There are two rubber bands on it, holding the big button. There are two pieces of cardboard preventing the rubber bands from going out. I tested it on the light, and it lit up. The two stables help it stabilize. The tinfoil is conductive ⚡️, so it is a big part of making the light light up. That is my button project in Technology 6.

The Diamond 💎 (Post 4)

For the sauter project thing, I made a diamond. Sadly, I don’t have a picture of it, but it took a really really long time ⏰. I got a piece of wire, and wrapped it around a wood stick thing. Then, I made it into an L shape. I took some tool and twisted it. Long story short, I messed up and restarted, and at last I finished sauntering it. I used the sauter to fuse them together, and my masterpiece was finished!

Atoms ⚛️! (Post #3)

We learned about atoms a long time ago. But I forgot, so here I am. In an atom, the middle part is called the nucleus. There are only 3 things smaller than atoms: electrons, neutrons, and protons. The protons and neutrons make up the nucleus of an atom, and electrons basically bounce around. If an atom was the size of a football stadium, the nucleus would be the size of an orange. In between is literally nothing. Atoms make up everything. However, they are super small, and scientists are still investigating about atoms ⚛️.

Effluvia Powers! (Post #2) 🧪

Get some woolen sheets, a wand thingy, and you can make those things move in the jar. It happens because of static electricity. William Gilbert, a scientist from the 1600’s, said: “… effluvia differ much from air, and as air the the earth’s effluvium, so electric bodies have their own distinctive effluvia.” Today in technology, we did the experiment, and the metal thingy’s inside moved! Magic! I tried it on my hair, and that is how I found out that it is the power of static electricity! The woolen sheets provided the static on the wand. Once the wand gets near the antenna on the jar, the metal things move.

Anyhow, we all have effluvia powers!

SMS Technology Rules (Post #1)

So far in 6th grade technology, one of the few things I have learned are the safety rules. There are twelve rules in all. Here they are:

1. Sl0w down. Think before you act.🧠

2. Dress responsibly. Tie back long hair. No baggy clothes & dangling jewelry.

3. Don’t assume you know training before tools. 🧰✂️🔨⚒🔩🔧⛏

4. Power tools need concentration. No talking when using machinery.

5. Protect your eyes. ALWAYS wear safety goggles. 👓👓

6. Before using a machine, get instructions, get permission, and inspect the machine. ⚙️⚙️

7. Use all guards when using machines. Shut off & unplug before making adjustments. 🔌🔌

8. Power tools are dangerous. NEVER leave a tool running unattended.

9. Soldering irons are hot. Be cautious. Soldering irons can heat over 842ºF.

10. Xacto knives, saws, & awls, oh my. BE CAREFUL when handling sharp things.🔪🔧🔩

11. Walk all the time. NEVER nudge or push someone.

12. Report all ancients: burns, cuts, splinters, no matter how small.

That’s it! Those are all the rules!


My Fourth Grade Year

Fourth grade was a pretty good year. There were many challenges in this year, including when I moved here. I was nervous at first but then I made friends. Everybody was nice and kind to me. Then, I got used to Fox Meadow. Everybody was so nice to me on the first day of school. They helped me on everything.


One off the most challenging tests was the New York State Test. Luckily, my teacher, Mrs. Assatly had made us prepare. We also had math tests and Wordly Wise tests. Fourth grade was a very challenging and fun year. I met a lot of friends along the way. I had help from my new friends and my teacher. Mrs. Assatly drilled us with hard tests and it was worth it because the State Tests and the Star assessments were almost the same as the tests she made us do.


I hope I will see them again someday. Everybody showed me how everything worked on my first day of school. I will miss everybody in my class since they were so kind to me. I hope that everybody will act the same in fifth grade.  


Thank you for helping me!!! See you next year!!

Celebrating Memorial Day

Title: Celebrating Memorial Day

Article Date: May 24, 2018

News Type: World

Source: DogoNews

Summary: In this article by Meera Dolasia, she explains that on the last Monday of May is Memorial Day. Memorial Day is a holiday that honors the men and women of the United States Armed Forces who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty. People also celebrate the people that served in the US army, the Navy, the Marine Corps, the National Guard, the Air Force, and the Coast Guard and more.

The holiday started on May 30, 1868, when a man named General John A. Logan decided to declare a day of remembrance just for the fallen heroes. Soon, it became a national event. The Commander-In-Chief of the Grand Army hoped that this holiday would strain relations between the Northern and Southern states following the end of the Civil War (1861-1865). General Logan marked this occasion by placing American flags and flowers on the graves of the 20,000 Union and Confederate soldiers that were buried at a cemetery in Virginia.

The Northern states embraced the Decoration Day while the Southern states honored their fallen heroes on different days.  Only after after Decoration Day was extended to recognize service men and women killed in World War I did they acknowledge this holiday. However, some Southern states still celebrate another holiday, known as Confederate Heroes Day, to honor their Civil War heroes.

In 1968, the Congress declared what is now called Memorial Day a federal holiday and they moved the date to the last Monday of May. This allows Americans to enjoy a three day weekend. Some people consider it as the unofficial start of summer and take vacations, go to the pool, go to barbecues, and other things. Son now, on May 28, we celebrate Memorial day.

Hopefully this year, Americans will have a reminder of the main reason of this holiday in the form of temporary Memorial Day show or display at Washington D.C.’s National Mall. The mall is measured with 133 feet long and 8 1/2 tall. It is filled with 645,000 red poppy flowers, each one to honor every American service member who has died in combat since or after World War I. The guests who com to the “Poppy Memorial” will be able to dedicate digital poppies using on-site kiosks that are chosen and the people that are unable to come can pay their respects online. A person from from the US Navy that has retired called Admiral John M. Bird says,”To not forget. To recall and remember those who have sacrificed. That is the significance and purpose of Memorial Day.” So, on the last Monday of May, set aside the burgers and root beer and other stuff and take a minute to think about all of the brave men and women who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

Personal Response: I chose this article because I thought it was interesting to find out about Memorial Day’s history. I think it had a cool history. I think people should always remember the people who dedicated their lives for our freedom. I think this holiday should always be remembered.

Tweet: Memorial Day has a very interesting history! Think about the brave men and women on the last Monday of May. #foxmeadowpride @dogonews – JJ

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Singing Helps Siberian Husky Reunite With Owner

Title: Singing Helps Siberian Husky Reunite With Owner

Source: Dogonews

Article date: April 23, 2018

News Type: World

In this article by Meera Dolasia, she explains that most pet owners have to use implant their cards on their pet to see if the animal gets lost or decides to escape. However, a special Siberian Husky from a part in Israel didn’t need the technology -he could just sing his way home!

It all started when some Israeli police officers came upon a dog near a archaeological site. The officers brought the dog to the station. Then, they tried to find out is anybody had reported a missing husky. Luckily, a  resident from Beersheba matched the dog that the police had found. However, he didn’t rush to the station. Instead, the owner asked the police to play two soundtracks to identify the husky.

To the amazement of the police, the husky started singing along with the song! It may have sounded like howls to the police, the owner instantly recognized his dogs voice. The owner was so happy to find his lost pet. “I cried the whole way here,” the man said hugging his lost pet.”Thank you, thank you so much.”

This may be the world’s first dog to be identified by singing. This skill is not common among dogs like huskies and hounds. Maybe that husky is the first dog to be recognized by its singing. Some people say, the more enthusiastic he/she is, the more likely that this husky will sing along.

Personal Response: I chose this article because I never knew that a dog could sing with music. Also, I never knew that this dog, could be identified by it’s owner, just by singing along with a sound track. This sounded surprising to me when I read this article. This husky can sing with music and be identified by singing. Amazing!

Tweet: Amazing! A husky can mimic music and be identified by singing!

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My Colonial Green Screen

Friend Essay

I had a good friend in Greenacres. My friend and I have a lot of differences, but we also have some similarities. For example, we both like to play with each other, we both like to play sports, and we both cheer who is sad up. We were always kind to each other. Here are the similarities:

The first similarity my friend and I have in common is that we like to play with each other. One example is, when I was still in 3rd grade, we used to call each other if we could play at the park. Our parents always let us since they thought it was like exercise. We had a lot of fun playing together. We had to start at about 7:00 and we had to end at 8:00. But between those times, we had lots of fun at the park. That was the first similarity.

The second similarity my friend and I have in common is we both like to play sports. We usually play basketball at recess together, we play football rarely, and we do some other sports. He was better than me by a little but still, he played fair. When we played basketball, he played by the rules. My friend and I used to play some sports together. That is our second similarity.

Our last similarity is that we both cheer up each other if one of us is sad. One time he cheered me up is when someone was playing unfair so I left. My friend followed me to cheer me up. One time I cheered him up is when my group of friends were playing basketball with us, someone started being mean to my friend. He went to the field. I followed him to cheer him up. That is our final similarity.

My friend and I are kind to each other, fair to each other, and we have some similarities. He was always kind to me. I hope that I could see him another day. He was one of my best friends ever since I moved. I hope I see him again.

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