My Fourth Grade Year

Fourth grade was a pretty good year. There were many challenges in this year, including when I moved here. I was nervous at first but then I made friends. Everybody was nice and kind to me. Then, I got used to Fox Meadow. Everybody was so nice to me on the first day of school. They helped me on everything.


One off the most challenging tests was the New York State Test. Luckily, my teacher, Mrs. Assatly had made us prepare. We also had math tests and Wordly Wise tests. Fourth grade was a very challenging and fun year. I met a lot of friends along the way. I had help from my new friends and my teacher. Mrs. Assatly drilled us with hard tests and it was worth it because the State Tests and the Star assessments were almost the same as the tests she made us do.


I hope I will see them again someday. Everybody showed me how everything worked on my first day of school. I will miss everybody in my class since they were so kind to me. I hope that everybody will act the same in fifth grade.  


Thank you for helping me!!! See you next year!!

Celebrating Memorial Day

Title: Celebrating Memorial Day

Article Date: May 24, 2018

News Type: World

Source: DogoNews

Summary: In this article by Meera Dolasia, she explains that on the last Monday of May is Memorial Day. Memorial Day is a holiday that honors the men and women of the United States Armed Forces who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty. People also celebrate the people that served in the US army, the Navy, the Marine Corps, the National Guard, the Air Force, and the Coast Guard and more.

The holiday started on May 30, 1868, when a man named General John A. Logan decided to declare a day of remembrance just for the fallen heroes. Soon, it became a national event. The Commander-In-Chief of the Grand Army hoped that this holiday would strain relations between the Northern and Southern states following the end of the Civil War (1861-1865). General Logan marked this occasion by placing American flags and flowers on the graves of the 20,000 Union and Confederate soldiers that were buried at a cemetery in Virginia.

The Northern states embraced the Decoration Day while the Southern states honored their fallen heroes on different days.  Only after after Decoration Day was extended to recognize service men and women killed in World War I did they acknowledge this holiday. However, some Southern states still celebrate another holiday, known as Confederate Heroes Day, to honor their Civil War heroes.

In 1968, the Congress declared what is now called Memorial Day a federal holiday and they moved the date to the last Monday of May. This allows Americans to enjoy a three day weekend. Some people consider it as the unofficial start of summer and take vacations, go to the pool, go to barbecues, and other things. Son now, on May 28, we celebrate Memorial day.

Hopefully this year, Americans will have a reminder of the main reason of this holiday in the form of temporary Memorial Day show or display at Washington D.C.’s National Mall. The mall is measured with 133 feet long and 8 1/2 tall. It is filled with 645,000 red poppy flowers, each one to honor every American service member who has died in combat since or after World War I. The guests who com to the “Poppy Memorial” will be able to dedicate digital poppies using on-site kiosks that are chosen and the people that are unable to come can pay their respects online. A person from from the US Navy that has retired called Admiral John M. Bird says,”To not forget. To recall and remember those who have sacrificed. That is the significance and purpose of Memorial Day.” So, on the last Monday of May, set aside the burgers and root beer and other stuff and take a minute to think about all of the brave men and women who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

Personal Response: I chose this article because I thought it was interesting to find out about Memorial Day’s history. I think it had a cool history. I think people should always remember the people who dedicated their lives for our freedom. I think this holiday should always be remembered.

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Singing Helps Siberian Husky Reunite With Owner

Title: Singing Helps Siberian Husky Reunite With Owner

Source: Dogonews

Article date: April 23, 2018

News Type: World

In this article by Meera Dolasia, she explains that most pet owners have to use implant their cards on their pet to see if the animal gets lost or decides to escape. However, a special Siberian Husky from a part in Israel didn’t need the technology -he could just sing his way home!

It all started when some Israeli police officers came upon a dog near a archaeological site. The officers brought the dog to the station. Then, they tried to find out is anybody had reported a missing husky. Luckily, a  resident from Beersheba matched the dog that the police had found. However, he didn’t rush to the station. Instead, the owner asked the police to play two soundtracks to identify the husky.

To the amazement of the police, the husky started singing along with the song! It may have sounded like howls to the police, the owner instantly recognized his dogs voice. The owner was so happy to find his lost pet. “I cried the whole way here,” the man said hugging his lost pet.”Thank you, thank you so much.”

This may be the world’s first dog to be identified by singing. This skill is not common among dogs like huskies and hounds. Maybe that husky is the first dog to be recognized by its singing. Some people say, the more enthusiastic he/she is, the more likely that this husky will sing along.

Personal Response: I chose this article because I never knew that a dog could sing with music. Also, I never knew that this dog, could be identified by it’s owner, just by singing along with a sound track. This sounded surprising to me when I read this article. This husky can sing with music and be identified by singing. Amazing!

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My Colonial Green Screen

Friend Essay

I had a good friend in Greenacres. My friend and I have a lot of differences, but we also have some similarities. For example, we both like to play with each other, we both like to play sports, and we both cheer who is sad up. We were always kind to each other. Here are the similarities:

The first similarity my friend and I have in common is that we like to play with each other. One example is, when I was still in 3rd grade, we used to call each other if we could play at the park. Our parents always let us since they thought it was like exercise. We had a lot of fun playing together. We had to start at about 7:00 and we had to end at 8:00. But between those times, we had lots of fun at the park. That was the first similarity.

The second similarity my friend and I have in common is we both like to play sports. We usually play basketball at recess together, we play football rarely, and we do some other sports. He was better than me by a little but still, he played fair. When we played basketball, he played by the rules. My friend and I used to play some sports together. That is our second similarity.

Our last similarity is that we both cheer up each other if one of us is sad. One time he cheered me up is when someone was playing unfair so I left. My friend followed me to cheer me up. One time I cheered him up is when my group of friends were playing basketball with us, someone started being mean to my friend. He went to the field. I followed him to cheer him up. That is our final similarity.

My friend and I are kind to each other, fair to each other, and we have some similarities. He was always kind to me. I hope that I could see him another day. He was one of my best friends ever since I moved. I hope I see him again.

My Mom Can Make Me Feel Better In A Lot Of Ways

Many people don’t think that my mom makes me feel better. But, she actually helps me a lot. She makes me feel better when I am injured , she makes me feel better when I’m stuck on something hard and I feel like I’m never going to finish, and she makes me feel better when I am sad. Do you have someone to make you feel better? I do. My mom helps me a lot.  Here are some examples of how my mom can help me.

One way my mom makes me feel better when I am injured. For example, one time I was injured and got stitches, she tried to make me feel better by letting me try to forget about it. Then, the stitch place started to feel better. After a long time, the stitch place didn’t hurt anymore. My mom tries to make me feel better when I am hurt by trying to make me forget about it.

My mom also makes me feel better when I am stuck on something. I sometimes feel like I am never going to finish. Then, my mom tried to calm me down. Then she gave me a idea to try to help me. After that, I actually thought I could do it. My mom helps me when I am stuck on something by calming me down. That is how she helps me when I am stuck on something.

Finally, my mom makes me feel better when I am sad. First, when I am sad, she asks me, “ What’s the matter?” Then I told her what’s wrong. I feel a tiny bit better. Then my mom tries to figure what started it. Then, after a few minutes I feel nothing. My mom helps me by helping me figure out a solution to my problem. My mom helps me when I am sad by cheering me up.

After writing this, I realize that my mom helps me a lot of times in my life. She helps me in a lot of ways. I hope that later in life, I could help myself. Then my mom wouldn’t have to help me. Anyways, My mom is one of the best helpers in my life. She helps me in a lot of ways. She is one of the best helper in my life !!!

Bespectacled Praying Mantises Surprise Researchers With A New Form Of 3D Vision

In the article by Maitreyi Mantha, she explains that stereo, or 3D, vision is what enables humans to gauge the depth and distance of surrounding objects. The left and right eye capture slightly different images and send them to the brain, which merges them and then calculates proximity of everything in the vicinity. This ability, which requires an intricate network of neurons and lots of processing power, can also be found in some animals, including the only insect– the praying mantis.

The insects cool ability, was particularly intriguing to someone given that its tiny brain has a million neurons. However, humans have 100,000 times more.

Jenny Read and researcher associate Dr. Vivek Nityananda began by creating a custom pair of tiny 3D glasses that were fitted with a blue and green filter, so that the praying mantis could see a different image in each eye. Then, they put the glasses on the insect but it was tricky. It was hard. They needed to do a lot of things in order to put the glasses on the praying mantises eyes. They had to freeze the praying mantis because the praying mantis is in a hunting position so they needed to freeze it just in case they get hurt.

The praying mantis has really cool abilities including having lots of neurons and it is also the only insect with processing power.

Personal Response: I chose this article because I thought insects had very different abilities from other insects so when I saw this article I chose it. The praying mantis has a very cool ability.

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photo credit: Newcastle university


Working with Mr. DeBerry

Hi guys!! I’m back here talking to you after New Year!! I’m going to talk about working.

One time Mr. DeBerry came is when we did a song and noticed what the words meant. The song was “Let it Go”. Boys didn’t like it but it was actually pretty interesting.


The next time we worked with him was when my class did a reading assignment. I didn’t do it though. I was still new to Fox Meadow. I was helping people check the papers if they were Level 2, Level 3, or Level 4. It was fun for me because I didn’t do it.


What I liked about all the projects is that we all worked together. My group really cooperated well. I think our weather project went well. That’s how I think we did a good job. I think Mr. DeBerry helped us get better at writing stuff. We did a good job. I wonder what we are doing next project.


In our class we did a fire ants and killer bees project. It was an article about killer bees and fire ants. We had to answer questions from the article. It had four questions. I think it was another reading assignment. It took a very long time for me. It was my first reading assignment. But, I hope I did pretty well. The assignment scores haven’t came yet though. We did weather projects on our Chromebooks. We needed text feature and other stuff. Soon, we presented. I think we did good. I liked it.


There were lots of things and they were super hard. They all took a long time to write. Some activities were fun, some were kind of fun, and some I didn’t like that much. The fun ones are usually the group ones so we could all work with each other. All of us could help someone that needs help. There were some group ones. They were pretty fun for me. Soon,we might have one later today!! I get nervous when my group has to present or I have to present. But, it always ends well for me.


I think we need to work on teamwork and helping each other. A lot of people start arguing over something. It’s no big deal when someone accidentally deletes your slide. You can always just fix it again. We need to work on some things. You need a lot of teamwork in order to finish your task.


There are a lot of things we all need to work on like teamwork, cooperating, and a bunch of other stuff. There has to be more stuff we all need to work on. There are a lot of challenges and I think Mr. DeBerry is teaching us basic stuff. We have a lot to work on. There are going to be harder challenges in the future.  We are going to learn more stuff soon. I wonder what it’s to be.


Next I am going to talk about what Mr. DeBerry taught us. There are a lot of text structures and we sometimes we have to do summaries. Kind of like the current events in our class. Mr. DeBerry is going to teach us a lot more stuff until June. There are going to be lots of stuff for us to learn.


I can’t wait for us to finish with writing.Writing is important. I like to write on the Chromebook more than on a notebook. Writing on notebooks hurt my hand a lot. There is usually a lot of noise so I kind of get distracted. I have to rest my hand for a while.


The writing is tiring but sometimes it is pretty fun. I want to be a good writer when I grow up. Sometimes when I write on a notebook I get bored. Writing on Chromebooks are easier to me because you only need your fingers to do the work. Not your whole wrist. Writing is okay to me sometimes like when there is a not fun at all subject. Sometimes we write in Spanish ( like right now) !!  

I learned that you have to use different text and you need to make your structures and you have to make your lead interesting for someone to read your story. Writing more makes you better. Writing is important. I also learned that you need to write to get good grades. That’s why I think writing is important. Sometimes we need spark questions. Those are like your main question. So this is my project.Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi!! I’m Jerry. Today I am going to talk about

Christmas.I celebrate Christmas. Usually, I decorate the tree on the 18th of December. Its fun decorating the tree. Each year dinner, is new. I love Christmas. Getting the presents is the best. You never know what they are.

There are only 4 days ’till Christmas!! My tradition is that each year on Christmas, my mom makes one of my favorite food. Each Christmas I fall asleep early hoping morning will come.

For some reason, I don’t really believe in Santa. Once, I found presents in the attic for Christmas. My mom talks weird when I mention Santa. Still,  no matter what, CHRISTMAS IS MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY!!




Hi guys!! It’s me, Jerry. A ecosystem is a environment where living and non-living things interact. Types of living things are producers, consumers, and decomposers. Producers are plants. The sun gives energy to the sun. They make their own food. Consumers eat something else because they can’t make food. Decomposers decompose dead things.

My food web is a marine web.

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