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Intro to Tech – Post One

on February 7, 2020

Yesterday in tech we did an activity called breakout EDU. In this activity the goal was to get into a locked box. There were clues to what the codes of the locks were placed around the room. There were 3 different types of locks that we had to unlock. One was a directional lock, one was a. 4 digit number lock and there was a 5 letter word lock. Also in the middle of the room there was a bonus box. Whichever team unlocked that box first got the content that was inside it. Inside it was a flashlight that could show invisible ink. If you unlocked the box you got safety goggles. Here is a picture of the box and locks:

Some of the tools that I am looking forward to using are the soldering iron, and the drill press. Here is what they look like:

So far I am enjoying tech. I hope you enjoyed my first tech post.

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