Poetry Reflection

My first poem is about sadness, and I have a picture to go with it. Something that inspired me to write this poem, is that I was feeling really sad, and I started to wonder how to describe sadness. As I started to write, the ideas just flowed onto the page. I think that I write my best poems when I just think, and let the ideas come to me. One tip that I have is to just look around, or think about how you are feeling.

Poem 1

My second poem is about what  the place of my dreams, would be like. Something that inspired me, is that I was doodling about a perfect world, and my homework was to write a poem, and I had writers block. So, I just started to write about my doodles. At first, I thought it wouldn’t be good enough to share with the class, but I made some revisions  to it, and then it was perfect! This was my festival poem, and I have a picture of my illustration.


My third poem is about the song of Winter, and I made a video recording of me reading it. I wanted to include sounds in my poem, so I decided to to the sounds of the season I was born in, Winter. So, I started to think about what kinds of sounds you hear in the wintertime. I thought about our most recent snowstorm, and thought about he things that you hear in the winter.


My fourth, and final poem is about Spring, and I have created a collage of pictures to go with it. Something that inspired me to write this song is looking outside, at nature. I wrote this poem on a very warm day, and I went outside, and looked, and listened, and smelled,everything around me. It felt like paradise, and I decided to write about it.

Poem 4




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