Capstone blog #6-Working on my Final Project

First of all, what was my final project, and why did I choose this? For my final project, I decided to do a TED Talk, instead of an ignite because I would have more time to speak, and each slide would not have a strict time limit, like an ignite does. I like this because I have a lot to say, and not all of my slides have an equal amount of information, so, I like the flexibility of a TED Talk.

When I started working on my TED Talk, I had to look over the answer to my main inquiry question, and figure out which details I should include in my slides. Since the TED Talk could only be six to eight minutes long, I had to pick out the most important details in my answer. While I was working, I realized that I should add some pictures, to go with what was on my slides. As I started watching other people practice, I noticed that they had note cards to help them remember what they were going to say. I decided not to use note cards because I thought that if I had them, I would constantly be looking at them, instead of looking at my audience. Instead, I made a list of Do’s, and don’ts, that would help me interact wth my audience, in the best ways possible. I think that this is a much better way, because it helps you with things that you normally wouldn’t think about.

Don’t: Say “um”, or “uh”

Do:┬áTake a pause if you don’t know what to say

Don’t: Talk really fast

Do: Talk slowly and calmly

Don’t: Constantly look at your slides

Do: Look at the audience

Now, on Thursday, June 16, it is time for me to practice presenting in front of the WHOLE CLASS! I was SO nervous. What if I messed up? What if my speaking was horrible? So many thoughts were going through my head all at once! I had seen people present the day before, and they were all pretty good, but they also all got criticism. I was panicking like crazy! When Mrs. Edwards called me up to present, I was literally shaking. I started to present, and I thought about all of the reminders that I wrote for myself. So, I remembered not to say “um”, and I talked slowly, but, I did look at the slides a lot. My teacher, and Mr. Casal, the computer teacher said that I needed help with my formatting, but my teacher said that I had really good content. So, I was happy, but I also started feeling like I didn’t do that well, compared to everybody else.

Here is a link, to my slideshow. Here is a link to my research page.

Here is a link to the answer to my main inquiry question. Here is my slideshow.


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  1. A thoughtful reflection on your TEDTalk presentation, Meena. I enjoyed your post and I REALLY enjoyed and learned so much from listening to your TEDTalk. Your TEDTalk was well-organized and it was clear that you had learned much about your topic. Well done, Meena!

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