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Debate Reflections

In our first debate, my group made a lot of mistakes, and did somethings well. One mistake we made, is that we said “um”, instead of pausing to think. Another mistake, that we made, was that we whispered our lines to each other, while that other members were debating. One thing my group did well, is that we provided reasons that were backed up with evidence.  Overall, we did okay for our first try.

    In our second debate, we did better, because we made fewer mistakes, and did more things well.  One thing we messed up on, was that we didn’t look at the audience, One thing we did well, was that we didn’t say”um”, and “uh”, as much. Another thing we did well was that we unpacked our evidence, instead of just stating it.
    Overall, we did somethings well, and we need to work on somethings. Also, our group improved a lot from our first debate, to our second.

Which TFK Story Will Change The World?

I think that the story about educating girls will change the world. This is because this story is about an issue that has been a problem for many years, and this story will inspire the world to slowly speak up for the right of education for girls. I also think that this story will have a long lasting effect because it inspires people to change the world by speaking up.  This story will also have a long lasting effect because it lets people know that there is a problem, and that they need t help solve it. This is why I think that this story will have a long lasting effect on the world.

Writing non fiction articles…

My feature article was about the history of chocolate. I really enjoyed writing about, and researching my favorite food. It was also a lot of fun to be able to design my own article.  I had some trouble working with Microsoft Word, though, it was very hard to navigate.  Overall, it was a very good experience.

Here is my non fiction feature article.