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Capstone Blog #4- My Interview

I did a lot of work to plan my interview. I had to have the appointments by May 16. I looked through so many aquarium’s staff to find who I wanted to interview. I finally found Tyler Moery. Then I had to email him, so I started to compose an email. My interview sounded something like “I was wondering if you would be at the Maritime Aquarium on May 27, for an interview. I would really appreciate your time. Sincerely, Meena” Then, I asked my mom to look over the email, to make sure that it made sense, and that I didn’t make any spelling mistakes. I was so worried that he wouldn’t be available. When he replied the next day, I was so happy. I thought that he was going to answer all of my questions, and I was really excited. When I talked to my friends, they said that an aquarium worker might have a bias, and stretch the truth about their aquarium. So, I was worried that my answers wouldn’t actually be true. So I decided to look up extra about the other part of my question, coral reefs. Click the “read more” button to read about my actual interview. Continue reading Capstone Blog #4- My Interview