Capstone #1-Choosing a Topic

When we started capstone, I automatically knew that I wanted to do something about the ocean. This is because I really enjoy researching it, and it interests me. When it was time to narrow down our topics, I had NO idea what to do. Since the Ocean is such a broad topic, I didn’t know what to do! So, I thought about different questions related to the Ocean, and thought about what kind of research I had to do to answer. I finally decided that I wanted to do my capstone on Coral Reefs. That was how I chose my topic.

Poetry Reflection

My first poem is about sadness, and I have a picture to go with it. Something that inspired me to write this poem, is that I was feeling really sad, and I started to wonder how to describe sadness. As I started to write, the ideas just flowed onto the page. I think that I write my best poems when I just think, and let the ideas come to me. One tip that I have is to just look around, or think about how you are feeling.

Poem 1

My second poem is about what  the place of my dreams, would be like. Something that inspired me, is that I was doodling about a perfect world, and my homework was to write a poem, and I had writers block. So, I just started to write about my doodles. At first, I thought it wouldn’t be good enough to share with the class, but I made some revisions  to it, and then it was perfect! This was my festival poem, and I have a picture of my illustration.


My third poem is about the song of Winter, and I made a video recording of me reading it. I wanted to include sounds in my poem, so I decided to to the sounds of the season I was born in, Winter. So, I started to think about what kinds of sounds you hear in the wintertime. I thought about our most recent snowstorm, and thought about he things that you hear in the winter.


My fourth, and final poem is about Spring, and I have created a collage of pictures to go with it. Something that inspired me to write this song is looking outside, at nature. I wrote this poem on a very warm day, and I went outside, and looked, and listened, and smelled,everything around me. It felt like paradise, and I decided to write about it.

Poem 4




Rube Goldberg 6- Last Meeting

At our last meeting, we were so stressed, because we weren’t even close to being done. It was so scary, to think that we wouldn’t be done in time. Our last meeting was our most focused meeting, because we felt a ton of pressure. I was so worried, and I was totally freaking out. Hannah told me to calm down, and that we would have a success. We has SO MANY fails, that I didn’t think that we could do it. My partner inspired me to not give up. This is what happened at our last meeting.

Rube Goldberg 5-End

At the end we were rushing to get everything done. We were very last minute. We had to make some last minute changes, like completely changing the ending. We also decided that we needed something to make sure that the ball wouldn’t miss the pin. We also rushed to finish our blog reflections. I had to stay at Hannah’s house extra time, just so that we could finish everything. On our final test run, I said ” We should just give up, and beg for more time on the project”, but guess what…It WORKED!! We were so happy, and we put the videos in drive, and we screamed “We are done!”

Rube Goldberg-Middlle

We started to build, and test our machine.

Our first design for the middle part did not work, and we were really disappointed.

We were very behind because we had to redesign that part. Also, we tried to get everything done before the first due date. 

We kept having many, many fails! It felt like it was never going to work! Check out my next post to see if it worked out after all.


Rube Goldberg 3-Second Meeting

At our second meeting, we started to build the first part of our machine. We also made our reviewed our rough sketches, and made one final one, together. We figured out that our marble had to be heavy enough, to push the pointer finger forward. We also tried to add a part that ended up not working. We spent the rest of our meeting trying to fix our mistake. We definetly got more work done on this meeting.

Rube Goldberg 2-First meeting

At our first meeting, we began to look for materials, and test them out, to see if they will work for our machine. We went to Hannah’s basement, to look for materials. We had to look through boxes of her old toys, in order to find supplies for our Rube Goldberg project. We got very distracted in the middle of our meeting, and started playing a game that Hannah got for her birthday. Overall, we only got a little work done, but at least we got started.

Rube Goldberg 1 – Beginning

In the beginning, we worked on our very first sketches. We also started planning what our machine was going to look like. Another thing we did at the beginning, is that we decided who’s house the meetings would be at, and when the meetings would be. Also, we started looking for materials, for our machine. After all that was figured out we started our first part of building. So far we are we think that this is a wonderful group and that we have gotten pretty far. We decided that the meetings were going to be at Hannah’s house. We also started to test out our materials, and start to get an idea of which materials we would actually use for our project.


Debate Reflections

In our first debate, my group made a lot of mistakes, and did somethings well. One mistake we made, is that we said “um”, instead of pausing to think. Another mistake, that we made, was that we whispered our lines to each other, while that other members were debating. One thing my group did well, is that we provided reasons that were backed up with evidence.  Overall, we did okay for our first try.

    In our second debate, we did better, because we made fewer mistakes, and did more things well.  One thing we messed up on, was that we didn’t look at the audience, One thing we did well, was that we didn’t say”um”, and “uh”, as much. Another thing we did well was that we unpacked our evidence, instead of just stating it.
    Overall, we did somethings well, and we need to work on somethings. Also, our group improved a lot from our first debate, to our second.

Which TFK Story Will Change The World?

I think that the story about educating girls will change the world. This is because this story is about an issue that has been a problem for many years, and this story will inspire the world to slowly speak up for the right of education for girls. I also think that this story will have a long lasting effect because it inspires people to change the world by speaking up.  This story will also have a long lasting effect because it lets people know that there is a problem, and that they need t help solve it. This is why I think that this story will have a long lasting effect on the world.