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On Point-TFK

I think that Misty Copeland is a really good role model for young girls because she didn’t ever give up. For example, she faced an injury, but after she recovered, she started dancing again. Another example is that she started dancing later in her life, at age 13, but she still tried really hard, Also, she didn’t let the fact that she doesn’t look like the other ballerinas stop her. This is why I think that she is a good role model for young girls, and dancers everywhere.

Rio 2016 Summer Olympics

I have mixed feelings about the Olympics this year. I am happy about them this year because new sports are being added. For example, the Olympics also contain Rugby and Golf. Also, this year, refugees are allowed to participate. On the other hand, Rio is doing horrible things in order to prepare for the games this year. For example, they are pushing people out of their homes, just to make room for the games. This is not fair because they cannot just push people out of their own homes. These are my feelings about the Rio Summer Olympics.