A Long Walk To Water

For read aloud, our teacher, Mrs. Boyer is reading us a book called A Long Walk To Water.  It is an amazing book that depicts the real-life survival stories of two people in Sudan.

The main character in one story is a teenage boy named Salva. Salva is from a small village called Loun-Ariik. It is located in Southern Sudan and the year is 1985. The problem is that Sudan is facing civil war and the government that controls Northern Sudan wants Southern Sudan to follow the same religion. Also, they want to control Southern Sudan to get resources for the North. This caused a civil war to start. When Salva was at school one day a few men stormed in an`d started shooting. Salva was then forced to leave Loun-Ariik. Salva then joined a group of people but the group abandoned him because they thought Salva would slow them down. Salva then found another group and then he met his uncle but not his family. Salva’s uncle was fighting for the rebels in the war. He was a leader and very brave. Salva doubted that he could accomplish the journey so his uncle reminded Salva to manage things ‘bit by bit, one step a a time’. Later on he got killed. Salva than had to be the leader. He talked to his group and explained what they were going to do. Salva’s group’s goal was to go to a Refugee camp in Ethiopia, which was east of Sudan. They had many obstacles along the way but they finally reached Ethiopia. Salva then went to America. He had a new family and got used to America. Later, Salva’s father was located and they

The main character in the other story is a young girl named Nya. This story came from the knowledge of the Sudan tribes. The setting is also Southern Sudan but took place in 2008. Nya’s problem also has to do with survival. It is that she does not have any water for her large family. She had to walk to a pond a few miles away every day which would take one-half the morning one way. Then winter came and the lake froze. Nya and her family moved to an area near a lake which still had dirty water. Finally, they gave up and went to a refugee camp.

The theme in both stories relates to survival. Both Salva and Nya faced significant obstacles to survive. It was not just them who had to go through this. Many people in Sudan lost family members and had to go to refugee camps for their survival.

Salva’ s qualities of leadership can be used in other people’s life. You can talk to people and for help with projects or other things. You can not be scared and do things ‘bit by bit, one step a a time’. You can be brave and never give up. Lastly, you can be a leader and help other people. Then, you will get help in return. Perseverance is really important because it can help you survive. It can also help you with any other things. It can help you with projects, organizations,  and other things.

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  1. Salva and his uncle demonstrated strong leadership and perseverance. How can you show and develop these qualities? Why are they important?

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