We are making a waterproof flashlight, but first we have to make a diagram. I had a simple idea, to make a 5 inch body with a pipe inside.   And inside that pipe, there is a circuit, that is protected by the pipe. That’s my idea.


What are we doing today? Maybe i should know, but I don’t. Not yet at least… people were late today too. I wasn’t. YEET, anyway, i know what we are doing now! Design thinking. That’s all!

Switching to today

I’m still working on my switches, since I was absent for 2 of the days. But the switches are cool. When aluminum touches aluminum it creates an electric charge, so we take advantage of that and use and aligator clip and take that electric charge to power lights. I think we will be playing a […]

Solder person

We used a solder yesterday. And the only reason I didn’t make a post yesterday was because I took long on the solder, and I’m not even done yet. And i lost my body so I had to make a new one. So a lot happened yesterday.


We made circuits on Friday, I was kinda just adding stuff to stuff. But then it lit in my face, and I’m saying this through honesty, I didn’t expect to make a working circuit. Fridays, ALWAYS work for me.

New School

Running in the hallways, is a new workout for me. Yup, I run in the hallways… because i have too. Honestly, I get the majority of my running from school, because…….. UHHHHHHHHH, video games… I MEANT UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…… lid on a vase, yeah, lid on a vase. But anyways, I think i’m kinda starting to find […]

Hello world!

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